Five Films Guaranteed to Make You Cry

While I love a great crime, action or comedy film; a good drama always gets top billing from me. I need a range of emotions when watching a solid film. A box of Kleenex and a glass of red wine while watching a movie is alright with me.  When I want to let out a good cry, I have certain films that I can watch that allow me to do that. When I don’t’ want to explain the reason for my crying fit, I simply turn on one of these films. Two hours to get lost in a story that fully captures my range of emotions at the time in exchange for what can be a good soul-cleansing cry sounds good to me.

five films guaranteed to make you cry.

Grab a tissue and pop in the DVD, here are the 5 films guaranteed to make you cry.

The Best Man Holiday – 2013

I remember being inconsolable in the movie theater when this came out a few years ago. The Best Man is one of my favorite romantic comedies and I was excited for the sequel, however, I was not prepared for the twist.

Titanic – 1997


Name one person who says they’ve never shed a tear while watching Titanic and I will show you a liar. Titanic has been known to melt many of hearts. I’m still pissed that Rose couldn’t scoot her booty over to give Jack some room on that piece of wood to save them both.



Set it Off – 1996

As illogical as it may seem given the plot of this film, there was  part of me that hoped the ladies would make it out alive. The shootout with Cleo with Stony watching while Brandy’s “Missing You” is playing takes me out every, single time.

Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies of all time. The funeral scene? Instant tearjerker. If you don’t cry at least once during this film then I don’t know if I can trust you.

John Q – 2002

When I need a good gut wrenching cry, this is my go-to movie. This film is guaranteed to make me holler every, single time. I’m talking about on the floor, snotty nosed, heard hurting type of cry. Denzel Washington and Kimberly Elise are fantastic in this. In the simplest terms, John Q is a story about a father willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his son gets the treatment he deserves.


I’m an emotional film watcher. This list could get mighty long as I’m not afraid to admit there are quite a few films guaranteed to make me cry. What’s your go-to movie when need to let out a good cry and don’t feel like giving an explanation as to why? Let me know in the comments below!

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