Review: Our Type of Love by Chelsea Maria

Review: Our Type of Love by Chelsea MariaOur Type of Love by Chelsea Maria
Published by B. Love Publications on August 1, 2018
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Inspiration & Personal Growth, Marriage & Long-Term Relationships, Motivational & Inspirational
Pages: 147
Format: eBook
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The depths of his love became the remedy to heal my broken soul...

On stage, rapper KC demanded the attention of his fans. With lyrics that captivated the hardest thug to the nerdiest geek, he mastered the art of appealing to a diverse crowd.

Once KC left the stage and recording studios, he became Kellon Cambridge, the devoted family man. While his purpose was to encourage people through his lyrics, his passion was to make sure that his wife, Delilah Cambridge, never went a day without knowing how much he loved her.

Celebrating seven years of marriage, the happy couple is determined to show that the seven-year itch was nothing but hocus pocus. But, all that changed the minute a blast from Kellon's past ends up on the couch in their home revealing secrets that Delilah prayed weren't true.

Fresh off tour and healing from a devastating loss, Kellon and Delilah are left figuring out if their love was worth fighting for. Will the couple remain standing, or allow past transgressions to rob them of their happily ever after?

I’ve really been interested in married couple romance novels lately. There’s something about reading about an established couple working through the issues during the story.

This brings me to Chelsea Maria’s Our Type of Love. Kellon and Delilah are madly in love. Their love is a constant ebb and flow and filled with the type of passion and sensuality that everyone around them can appreciate. Kellon is known as KC to the world, a famous rapper. Delilah is his doting wife and love of his life. While their love is envied by some and they are indeed happy with one another, these two have faced loss quite a few times and there is a slight undercurrent of discomfort barely beneath the surface of their relationship.

That discomfort is brought to the forefront when a person from Kellon’s past re-enters their lives and threatens to shatter the peace Kellon and Delilah share. Kellon is forced to face decisions from his past and Delilah’s confidence waivers as the foundation of their marriage is tested.

Delilah was a beam of light in everyone’s life and a strong, caring woman even when she made some pretty foolish decisions and seemed to forget that a marriage involves two people. Kellon is definitely a book boyfriend most readers would want. He is deeply spiritual and unrelenting in his love for his wife. Even when she pushes him away and disregards his feelings, he is there for her and refuses to leave her despite his anger. Was he perfect? Absolutely not. The drama in this book was a lot of his own making and I was disappointed in him because a lot of it could have been avoided. I won’t lie if I was Delilah, I probably would have made him sweat it out a bit because there were a few times I wasn’t sure if he realized who exactly was in the wrong here.

Our Type of Love is an emotional tale of a lifetime love, healing old wounds and allowing your partner to be your strength in times of need.


I’ve read all of Chelsea’s this year and this one is by far my favorite. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more work from this author.


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