Review: Deadly Secrets by Ann Christopher

Review: Deadly Secrets by Ann ChristopherDeadly Secrets by Ann Christopher
Published by Blue Iris Press on May 15th 2017
Genres: African American, Contemporary Women, Fiction, Multicultural & Interracial, Romance, Suspense, Thrillers, Urban
Pages: 414
Format: eBook
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A drug kingpin’s vicious crimes spark a DEADLY chain of events… WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF A DRUG KINGPIN WANTED TO MURDER YOU? After spending years under the thumb of his sociopathic boss, Dr. Kerry Randolph desperately wants to repudiate his life of crime.   His goals? To practice medicine. Find peace, if not redemption. Possibly even explore his forbidden attraction to U.S. Attorney Jayne Morrison, the woman responsible for prosecuting him.   Kerry’s only problem? His secret-filled past refuses to die… If you love sexy romantic thrillers with heart-stopping plot twists and edge-of-your-seat suspense, don’t miss this riveting conclusion to Ann Christopher’s DEADLY series! “Thrilling. Relentless. Sexy. Romantic suspense for fans of Karen Robards, Lisa Jackson and Karen Rose.” —Eve Silver, National Bestselling Author  “[An] exciting romantic thriller [with a] thrilling conclusion.” —Publisher’s Weekly on Deadly Pursuit

It’s been quite a while since Ann Christopher released Deadly Desires, and while I remembered the plot points of this trilogy, I knew it was best to catch up on Deadly Pursuit and Deadly Desires before diving into her latest offering, Deadly Secrets.

Deadly Secrets is the final installment in the romantic suspense trilogy surrounding Kareem Gregory’s  illegal empire, and all who got tangled up in his web. While Kareem is the catalyst for the happenings in all three books, it’s the people closest to him (or those that crossed him) who take center stage.

Deadly Secrets is the story of his former lieutenant, Dr. Kerry Randolph, and assistant US Attorney Jayne Morrison.

If you have not read the previous two books, continue reading at your own risk. The books are closely weaved together and must be read in order.

A brief refresher: Kerry was the informant that led to Kareem’s takedown. When we left Deadly Desires, I was sure Kerry was dead! Someone had caught up to him, there was a plastic sheet on the floor and readers knew his end was near. I mean that was implied, wasn’t it? I guess that’s what I get for making assumptions because color me surprised when I found out that Kerry was alive and this book would be focused on him. It’s a good thing I reread the first two books because I even forgot that Kerry was a dang doctor. 🙁

Kerry knows that his life took a wrong turn and now that Kareem is presumed dead, he can go about setting new goals and becoming a better version of himself. Things aren’t always as easy as they seem, and temptation is at every corner for Kareem. The most lethal temptation? Attorney Jayne Morrison; the prosecutor who can’t stand him, but the one person he soon feels that he can’t live without.

What I liked: Jayne and Kerry weren’t your typical protagonists. I love that they were multi-layered individuals, there was definitely more than met the eye with these two. I appreciated the fact that a lot of my questions were answered regarding when, why, and how Kerry started working for Kareem. That tale of friendship, if we can even call it that, ran deep and it showed that just because people do bad things doesn’t necessarily make them bad people. There was a subtle build up of chemistry between Jayne and Kerry, in my opinion. It seemed organic even though they got together in an unconventional way. Throw in the crime, mystery, and drama with the romance that this trilogy is known for, and I was a happy girl!

What I didn’t like: Kerry annoyed me in the earlier pages with all of the self-pity. I understood it and respected his guilty conscience but after a while, he started to grate on my nerves with it. If you want people to start seeing you in a different light, you must make the first step yourself.

While I thought the book started out a bit slow, Deadly Secrets was worth the wait! It was a good end to the ‘Deadly’ series and I was happy to see cameos from all of the past characters to tie everything together.


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