Review: Let’s Stay Together by Ann Christopher

Review: Let’s Stay Together by Ann ChristopherLet's Stay Together: A Journey's End Novella by Ann Christopher
Published by Blue Iris Press on March 6, 2016
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Fiction, Love & Romance, Romance
Pages: 125
Format: eBook
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Deep in upstate New York, in the heart of the Hudson River Valley, lies a small town where five brothers, all world-weary and battered by life, are about to find the loves of their lives … at Journey’s End.

NOTE: This 130-page novella picks up where A Journey’s End leaves off!

James Harper and Miranda Lowe may be madly in love, but modern romance can be tricky, especially when jealous ex-husbands and children are involved. When it comes to solidifying their relationship, will the lovers let their emotional insecurities get the best of them? Or will they say...LET’S STAY TOGETHER?

Let’s Stay Together isn’t just the name of the famous Al Green song, it’s also the name of the latest novella by Ann Christopher.

This novella takes us back to upstate New York as we visit Miranda and James once again. We first met this couple in A Journey’s End and while we’ve met two Harper brothers since then in their separate books, this book takes place before that.

We pick up six weeks from A Journey’s End and Miranda and James are still in the honeymoon phase. As with any new relationship, especially ones that involve ex-husbands and two little children, there will be a few tests; early and often.

James is ready to go full steam ahead with the relationship. If he had it his way, they’d move in together immediately and get married. Miranda, while she ultimately wants the same things, is afraid and a little skittish; especially given how her marriage with her twins’ father ended. Miranda’s ex-husband, Griffin, re-enters the picture with obvious feelings still for Miranda. Will he come between them or will James and Miranda be able to navigate the newness of their relationship and stay together while learning how to create and sustain a blended family?

Let’s Stay Together is a super quick read that fans of the Harper brothers will like. While I wished we could have gotten one full-length novel featuring James and Miranda, it was nice to read about them again and I eagerly await the next installment featuring the family from upstate New York.

Is anyone else fans of Ann Christopher’s Journey’s End saga? If so, what do you think of it?

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