Review: On Fire by Ann Christopher

Review: On Fire by Ann ChristopherOn Fire by Ann Christopher
Series: Journey's End #3
Published by Blue Iris Press on December 10th 2015
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Fiction, Multicultural & Interracial, Romance
Pages: 180
Format: eBook
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ON FIRE Journey’s End Series #3 Deep in upstate New York, in the heart of the Hudson River Valley, lies a small town where five brothers, all world-weary and battered by life, are about to find the loves of their lives…at Journey’s End. Determined not to repeat his past relationship mistakes, landscape architect Ethan Harper wants to keep his life simple. Which does not include falling for his client Sofia Abbaté, a high-maintenance woman who already has a professional athlete boyfriend. But Sofia seems unhappy, and Ethan thinks he just may be the man for her. When it comes to love, will Sofia choose the man who could set her up for life? Or the one who sets her heart…ON FIRE?“Ann Christopher gets it right every time.” --Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author Journey’s End Series "Book" 1: A Journey’s End (Novella) Book 2: Let’s Do It Book 3: On Fire

On Fire by Ann Christopher is the third installment in the author’s Journey’s End series and follows Ethan Harper, and Reeve’s best friend, Sofia Abbate.

Due to a rough upbringing, money was extremely important to Sofia. She wanted to make a lot of it and her partner needed to have quite a bit of it too. She loved expensive things and made no excuses for it. Ethan was the exact opposite. Having made a lot of money in his past career, he knew that money wasn’t everything. It destroyed his marriage and almost destroyed his health. He is content with the life he has now and loves the “simple life” with his landscaping business. He may not have the money Sofia initially craved, but he has everything else that would make him the perfect man for her.

Ethan is there when Sofia’s life starts to fall apart. Seeing what Sofia values as important, he knows he shouldn’t entertain the attraction he feels. His mind tells him one thing, but his heart says another. Despite their differences, he knows she’s perfect for him. The challenge proves to be convincing Sofia of that. Will she smarten up and realize that money doesn’t equate happiness before it’s too late?

This was another story of love at first sight, at least in Ethan’s case. He was in lust the moment he met her and that quickly turned into love. One thing’s for sure, the Harper men surely fall fast!

On Fire is a story about finding out what truly makes you happy.

I am torn about the length of this novel. On one hand, it was very short read at 180 pages and honestly read like a novella. However, there were points in the book that I felt were repetitive that could have been taken out. How many times were Sofia and Ethan going to disagree about the importance money plays in one’s life? He was less than enthused about her views and she initially didn’t budge about the matter. A good 20 or 30 pages were filled with that, in my opinion, and could have been removed. I like a good back and forth as much as anyone but after a while, Sofia started to work my nerves just a bit.

I will say, however, that On Fire did give me the back story that I had craved with the previous book, Let’s Do It. We met Ethan’s parents, learned more about their business, and was introduced to the other two Harper brothers. (Something tells me that Daniel and Isaiah will have the most interesting stories!) Same thing goes for Sofia; we learned quite a bit about her past and it really helped to identify with the woman she was, as shallow as she came across at times. A major problem I had with Let’s Do It was rectified in this book so I am pleased.

Fans of the Harper family will like On Fire and since I’ve read the last two, it’s pretty safe to assume that I am invested. I’ll definitely be checking out the next books and I am interested to see how Zoya and Daniel’s story unfolds.


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