The 2017 Reading Challenge

I’m getting a head start on my reading list for 2017. I normally wait until the first week in January to research and list the books I want to read for the year. I normally put just throw a number out there. One year, it was 100 and it was 60 another time. That was all fine and dandy but I got too wrapped up in the quantity instead of quality.  For the past couple of years, I’ve been participating in reading challenges, either one I’ve made myself or found through other sites. It has allowed me to read new genres, discover new authors, and read a few things I may not have picked up right away.

For the first time this year, I’ll be making my reading challenge public and open to all!


Now this reading challenge is broken up into two parts. If you frequent this site you know that my book reviews are really broken up into really two genres; Romance and Other. “Other” is where all other fiction and nonfiction go;  self-help, biographies, essay collections etc. You get the drift. Because 80% of the review content is romance, it just makes more sense for me to do it this way. This reading challenge will be the same but a lot more fair, only 50% will be romance. 🙂

I would love it if you all would join me. Since it’s 2017, I’ve chosen 17 tasks. To join, simply click HERE to download and print a copy of the challenge. Browse the site and I’m sure you’ll find many suggestions to tick a few things off of this list.

There’s a second part, though! For those who are participating, I STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for my email list ( at the end of this post), there may or may not be a certain gift card prize to be had at the end of this for the person who finishes first. 🙂


*Click HERE for the full list*

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