Review: Let’s Do It by Ann Christopher

Review: Let’s Do It by Ann ChristopherLet's Do It by Ann Christopher
Series: Journey's End #2
Published by Blue Iris Press on June 2, 2015
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 218
Format: eBook
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Journey’s End Series #2

Deep in upstate New York, in the heart of the Hudson River Valley, lies a small town where five brothers, all world-weary and battered by life, are about to find the loves of their Journey’s End.

Veterinarian Edward Harper’s life is complicated enough already, thanks. The last thing he needs is to fall for Reeve Banks, the fascinating but emotionally wounded woman he finds stranded by the side of the road. But when their chemistry is this explosive, will they be able to resist each other? Or will they surrender to their passion and say...LET’S DO IT?

“Ann Christopher gets it right every time.”
--Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author

Journey’s End Series:
Book 1: A Journey’s End (Novella)
Book 2: Let’s Do It
Book 3: On Fire
Book 4: Let's Stay Together (Novella)

Let’s Do It by Ann Christopher is the second installment for the author’s Journey’s End series and features the youngest Harper brother, Edward.

I read the A Journey’s End, the first novella, a while back and liked it but didn’t really keep tabs on the subsequent books which is why I was surprised to see that I had apparently missed two releases.

Let’s Do It takes a stab at the classic love at first sight trope. Reeve Banks is on her way back home to begin her medical residency when she experiences a flat tire. After trying to change the tire on her own, a good Samaritan stops and tries to help. “Tries” being the operative word here. Reeve is wary of this stranger, but Edward Harper soon proves that he is a man simply trying to help. What should have been a brief encounter turns into something more when they run into each other on more than one occasion shortly thereafter.

Edward knew what he wanted, and that was Reeve. Reeve had been through a lot, was wary of any relationships, and still dealing with some raw emotions due to a tragedy years ago. Edward wasn’t perfect by any means, and a revelation early in this book had the potential to  put the kibosh on any long term romantic plans. After a steamy night, emotions start to overwhelm both of them, and Reeve bolted. Edward didn’t let her off that easy and proved to be very persistent no matter how many roadblocks she tried to put up.

Let’s Do It deals with love, loss, and the courage to move on; in the face of tragedy, and when a relationship has run its course.

I wished this book was a bit longer. At 218 pages, it was a pretty quick read and while we got our happy ending, there were a few questions I still had at the end. We briefly met Ethan and James; two of Edward’s brothers. However, that was it, which surprised me a bit. Usually with family series, we meet all of the siblings at the beginning even if we don’t get in depth with any of them right away. It would have been nice to meet all of the siblings so we can start investing in their stories beforehand. In the epilogue, we find out that Edward’s parents have been married 50 years but why didn’t we meet them before? Edward seemed to be very big on family, but we really didn’t get to know much about his. The same goes for Reeve as well, we know about her previous relationship and his family, but we didn’t know much about her biological family except they didn’t have a lot of money to grow up.

While it was a nice love story, there was definitely a lot more potential and I just wish that we got a bit more backstory on both of these characters. I liked them but I didn’t love them, and with a bit more backstory I feel they would have won me over even more. I’m holding out hope that the next book, On Fire, will rectify this. On Fire was recently released, so I’ll be tackling that in a couple of days and a review should be up soon.

Let’s Do It by Ann Christopher is a part of a series though it can be read as a standalone. For those of you who like small town romances, this book is short and to the point and can be read on a lazy evening after work.

Has anyone else read Let’s Do It, what did you think?


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