My Favorite Movie Couples

Love is in the air this February so I’m back with another list! This time, I am talking about my favorite movie couples.

Last week, I told you about the romantic comedies I loved and while a few of these may be overlap, my favorite movie couples are a whole different story! As with books, while the plot will initially draw me in, it’s the characters that will keep me coming back for more. Hell, there’s even been a few movies where I’ve hated the storyline but the characters caused me to give the movie a good grade. I live for the chemistry between main characters; I love riding the rollercoaster between as we wait for both of them to realize that their feelings are the same. Some films don’t necessarily have a happy ending and I’m okay with that, I just need the love to remain believable.

So let’s celebrate love with these couples:

Prince Akeem and Lisa McDowell – Coming to America

coming to america

Prince Akeem didn’t want an arranged marriage. He wanted to fall in love with a woman who wanted him for him, and not for the money and prestige that he could give her. He traveled to NYC to find his mate which is he does, albeit as he took on the life of a poor man. Lisa McDowell is Akeem’s boss’ daughter and she falls for Akeem. However, once she finds out his true identity, he risks losing her for good. In the end, he is able to convince her that the love was real and she follows him back to Africa to become his bride and the future Queen of Zamunda.

There is not a time that this film has been on television that I haven’t sat down to watch it. Coming to America is a movie that has definitely stood the test of time.

Peaches and Shame – A Low Down Dirty Shame

Image via
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“Oh, Peaches, on your way to the post office can you stop by the store and get me a box of relaxer? And make sure it says mild, last time you got me super, girl!”

A Low Down Dirty Shame is an action adventure comedy. While love wasn’t at the forefront of the storyline, it was evident from the beginning that Peaches and Shame had a chemistry. There was love between these two even if Shame wasn’t ready to admit it. Peaches was Shame’s take-no-prisoners secretary at his PI firm and together they helped to solve an old case that haunted Shame from his days as a police officer.

Kaz and Noni  – Beyond The Lights 

beyond the lights

This was definitely one of the most underrated films of 2014. I loved this movie so much so that it’s now considered one of my favorite romantic films. Noni is at the peak of superstardom but is struggling with the newfound success. Her mother is overbearing, she’s in a relationship of convenience and unable to really cope, she tries to kill herself. However, she’s saved by Kaz, a police officer assigned as her bodyguard outside of the hotel where she’s staying. There is instant chemistry between these two and considering their respective positions, a relationship isn’t one that’s readily accepted by those around them.

Kaz was everything Noni needed. He helped her see that it was okay to be herself. She was able to live life on her own terms. Noni was a breath of fresh air to the straight-laced Kaz. This couple was magic together and have a love story that I don’t mind watching over and over again.

Quincy and Monica – Love and Basketball

love and basketball

As mentioned in a previous post, this movie is rightfully on everyone’s list. Quincy and Monica bond over basketball and while early drama threaten to keep them apart, true love prevails as they realize that all is fair in love and basketball.

Yvette and Jody, Baby Boy

baby boy

Many of us fell in love with Taraji in this 2001 classic. Yes, it is a classic and this is not up for debate. Baby Boy follows Jody (Tyrese Gibson) as a misguided young man who is really just a young boy at heart. This film follows him as he is forced to face the responsibilities of what it means to be a young father, partner, and a grown man.

Tyrese and Taraji’s chemistry was undeniable. While we hated Jody’s childish ways and wished that Yvette had forced him to grow up sooner, despite the streets and women trying to tear them apart, we couldn’t help but to root for this young couple.


A great romance film needs a strong couple to anchor it. With Valentine’s Day being this weekend, I think I’ll watch a few of these on this list and fall in love with these couples all over again.

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