The Best Movie Soundtracks

Every great movie needs a great soundtrack. The music is essential to the film; it’s what drives the storyline, dictates the audience’s moods and elevates the story. I absolutely judge a movie based on the music. Even if it the storyline is decent and I loved the plot, if the music is crap, the overall score goes down. At the very least, a film needs ONE good song on its soundtrack to define it. The best soundtracks though are the ones where every song is great; where the entire soundtrack is “unskippable” and every song is essential to the movie.


Here are the best movie soundtracks:



This soundtrack was just like the film; grown and sexy. I didn’t really “get” this soundtrack when I first watched the film, mainly because I had no business watching it when I did for the first time. However, at this age, I now get it and it’s definitely one of my favorite movie soundtracks and deserves to be on this list. It also seems to properly capture the 90’s vibe; the fashion, the grooves, and the ever present sexiness.

Love & Basketball 

love and basketball

When “Fool of Me” plays during the last basketball game when Monica is playing for Quincy’s heart, I always shed a tear. That song does something to me and for that reason alone, this soundtrack deserves placement on the list.

Soul Food

Soul Food

I watched Soul Food two weekends ago and was reminded what a JAM this film’s soundtrack was. It’s R&B; it’s soulful, and it’s sentimental. This soundtrack is definitely the one you cue up when you’re all gathering at your mother’s house on Sundays for dinner. Don’t even get me started on the Boyz II Men “A Song for Mama”, everyone I know sheds a little tear whenever this song plays in the film.

Waiting to Exhale 

waiting to exhale

Whenever I want to do a little one-two step, I play this CD. It had everything from “Exhale (Shoop Shoop” to “Sittin’ Up in My Room” by Brandy. This album is just plain old groovy.

The Bodyguard

the bodyguard

It’s Whitney Houston, it’s The Bodyguard; it’s the highest selling soundtrack of all time. No other explanation is needed.

The Best Man 

the best man

One of my favorite movies, and perhaps the best movie soundtrack ever. There is not a track to skip on this album. Not one. This is the perfect soundtrack; a great balance of soul and R&B.  Any album that has Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, and Beyonce on it is a WINNER. “After All is Said and Done” is criminally underrated and don’t even get me started on “The Best Man I Can Be”.

There you have it: the best movie soundtracks. What are your favorites; the ones you have physical copies of, and know all of the songs word for word?




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