8 Times The Film Was Better Than The Book

Remember my post when I gave all my reasons why when I have to choose between the book or the film, I always choose the book. I still stand by that, however, even I can admit that there are times when that is not the case. There are just some times when the film either makes me love the book more and enhances the material or totally eclipses the book in its adaptation.

Now if I had the time, I could probably name about 50 or so movies but I’m not going to do that. I’ll stick with a lower number and tell you about 8 times the film was better than the book:



Book: The Silence of The Lambs – Thomas Harris

silence of the lambs




Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the chilling Dr. Hannibal Lecter was breathtaking. This film aged well and Hannibal Lecter has to be considered one of the greatest villains ever. Even when I watch this film now, I still jump at times, turn my head, fear Hopkins and cringe at his obsession with Clarice.




The Godfather

Book: The Godfather – Mario Puzo

the godfather




If I ask five people to name their favorite film, at least two of them will say The Godfather. I don’t know many people who don’t like this film. The movie literally puts the Mario Puzo novel of the same name to shame. I’m sure Puzo didn’t mind as it has been reported that Francis Ford Coppola collaborated with Puzo on this script. The film is slick and gritty and virtually has no weak moments.




Forrest Gump

Book: Forrest Gump – Winston Groom

forrest gump




I don’t even remember much of the book and ways it may have differed from the film to be honest. You mention Forrest Gump and I picture Tom Hanks immediately. Tom Hanks made Forrest Gump a warm and lovable character – one that has stood the test of time and it still quoted today.




The Help

Book: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

the help




The book was great and one that I would definitely recommend but Viola Davis was simply phenomenal! It really is as simple as that.






Out of Sight

Book: Out of Sight – Elmore Leonard

out of sight




The chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney was off the charts. They compliment each other well and that results in a smart and sexy film which is still my favorite JLo movie to date.







Mrs. Doubtfire

Book: Madame Doubtfire – Anne Fine

mrs doubtfire




To be honest, until I recently I didn’t even know that this film was based on a book. I read it but couldn’t finish it because all I saw was Robin Williams. All I did was re-enact the scenes in my head based on what I remembered in the movie. Robin Williams really did turn this simple story into a comedy classic.






The Graduate

Book: The Graduate – Charles Webb

the graduate




How many of you remember Mrs. Robinson?

I read this book in college and the execution of the film is what put this work over the edge for me. The book conveys Benjamin’s feelings with constant chatter between the characters. The film sells it with a certain tone that is almost quiet.




What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Book: I, Tina – Tina Turner and Kurt Loder

whats love got to do with it




We knew the legend, this movie lets us see the woman in ways not even the memoir did. Angela Bassett was fantastic in this film and though some liberties were taken with the script, this was a brilliant portrayal of the music icon. I still think she should have won the Academy Award for her portrayal.

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