Review – It!: Nine Secrets of the Rich and Famous That Will Take You to the Top

It! by Paula Froelich
Published by Miamax on April 5th 2006
Genres: General, Self-Help
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover
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A reporter for the New York Post's "Page Six" column and regular correspondent on The Insider, Paula Froehlich has a true insider's knowledge of what it takes to be a major (or even minor) celebrity. Now she uses her experience as an arbiter of the club of bold-faced names to advise the rest of us on what it takes to attain stardom in any field. With her trademark brash honesty and sharp reporting skills, Froelich cracks the secrets of top publicists, fashion designers, moguls, entertainers, and other gurus to show us the way to get noticed. Whether you want to be the next J-Lo or your town's most in-demand caterer, a movie star or a star florist, this is the book with the advice to get you there.

I was introduced to It! by Paula Froelich via a Myleik Teele podcast (someone I absolutely admire and will dedicate a post to in the future!).

Whether you want to be a celebrity or not, It! by Paula Froelich provides great tips on what one needs in order to make it to the top. Do you think celebrities just become insanely successful and rich overnight? Absolutely not! While your goals may be different from the ones mentioned in this book, it is important to know what it took for these insanely successful people to make it to the top. From the importance of “looking” the part to marketing the brand that is YOU, these tips can be applied to anyone’s daily life and with the proper work can result in change. While some of the examples may be considered outdated as this was written almost 10 years ago and so much has changed, all of the basic principles outlined in this book still holds true. Paula gives hope to any reader who wants to be successful in whatever they wish to do. It! is a guide for anyone who wants to make it big. This books gives it to you straight and is just as juicy as it is informative as Paula gives us a little peek behind the fame curtain.

After reading this book, if you remember nothing else you remember this – stars are not born, they are made.


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