Food in Fiction: The Romance Novels You Must Read

I love great food (and fine men that can cook! 🙂 ), and I love fiction so of course, I love food IN fiction.

food in fiction

Here are the food-centric romance novels you must read:

Decadent Dreams (The Draysons: Sprinkled with Love Book 1) – A.C. Arthur 

decadent dreams

I have a sweet tooth that is out of this world. It’s a miracle I’ve been able to keep my cavities to a minimum. All you have to do is mention sweets and I’m all ears (and eyes in this case). This saga, by A.C. Arthur, begins with Decadent Dreams and takes place in Lillian’s, the Drayson family patisserie.

Per Amazon:

It seems as though Belinda Drayson-Jones has it all together. Smart and attractive, she is one of the most talented bakers at Lillian’s, her family’s famed Chicago patisserie. Belinda is one of those women who never shows up late, never makes a faux pas, never does anything that would raise someone’s eyebrows. Yet perfection has its price, and the beautiful Ms. Drayson-Jones feels that something is missing from her life. And no one would ever guess the secret she’s keeping.

…or give in to love?

Malik Anthony knows plenty about keeping secrets. He has worked with Belinda for years and has been fighting his feelings just as long. Malik always considered her to be unattainable, until one night when their simmering desire suddenly reaches the boiling point. And if he isn’t mistaken, Belinda is now coming on to him.

What could be more irresistible than being seduced by the boss’s granddaughter? What could be more perfect than giving in?

Dreaming of You (Grayson Novels) – Francis Ray 

dreaming of you

According to his mother, Brandon Grayson was next in line for love. He never dreamed that the woman he deemed safe would be the one he’s most in danger of losing his heart to.

Per Amazon:

LURING A MAN INTO LOVE Successful Santa Fe hotelier, Faith McBride has loved Brandon Grayson since she was a wallflower in high school and he was her big brother’s best friend. Now hard-bodied Brandon is running a trendy restaurant a stone’s throw from Casa de Serenidad, her posh five-star hotel. When Faith looks at Brandon, she dreams of being his wife. So although it’s risky and risqué, she’s plotting a secret campaign to win his body, mind, and heart.

With his mother determined to marry him off, Brandon Grayson is on the alert for single females being thrown his way. He’s even stopped dating, afraid of being trapped in a relationship. Surely nobody’s safer to be around than sweet, familiar Faith. But celibacy is driving him crazy. For the first time, he’s noticing Faith’s enticing lips and incredible curves. Suddenly it occurs to Brandon that an affair with the one woman he can trust would certainly be a no-strings-attached affair…

Recipe for Temptation (The Wolf Pack Series Book 2) – Maureen Smith 

recipe for temptation

I am obsessed with the Wolf Pack series by Maureen Smith. Each Wolf man (and their friends) are equally decadent. Michael has a special place in my heart because his food seems to be simply divine, and there’s nothing I love more than a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

Per Amazon:

A two-month sabbatical from her high-powered career is just what the doctor ordered…especially when Reese St. James eyes the hunk of her secret fantasies on the menu. From the moment she walks into Michael Wolf’s world-famous restaurant, she’s given the VIP treatment. And the sexy celebrity chef’s mouth-watering kisses have her eating right out of his hand…and hungry for more.

Furious at discovering Reese isn’t the food critic he expected, Michael vows to teach the delectable deceiver a lesson. Seduction is the first course as he turns the tables on the sensual doctor. But once he tastes her passion, he goes straight from the frying pan into the fire. He wants to trust her, but what if he gets burned? As their sizzling affair flames into a culinary feast for all the senses, will love to be the final course?


The Proposition (The Plus One Chronicles Book 1) – Jennifer Lyon

the proposition

The Plus One Chronicles introduced me to Jennifer Lyon and still remains one of my favorite series.  He’s an ex-UFC Fighter and she’s the face behind decadent pastries. Their paths have crossed before but this time, someone’s paying for keeps. I’m cheating a bit with this one as it wasn’t all food all of the time but hey, it’s my list! I’ll do what I want 🙂
Per Amazon:
The Proposition is Book One of Three in The Plus One Chronicles. All the books are available now, including the Boxed Set available at this link on Amazon:

Rich, sexy and volatile, Sloane Michaels has a dark agenda that keeps his heart on ice. His extreme wealth gives him the control he craves and his skills as an ex-UFC fighter the tools he’ll need to extract his ultimate revenge. But when the woman he never believed he’d see again crosses his path, Sloane is caught between the vengeance he needs and a sexual conquest he craves.

Kat Thayne has been in survival mode for six years, hiding behind the sweet creations for her bakery. But when a random carjacking brings her face-to-face with her darkest fears and hottest fantasy, Kat is forced out of hiding and offered a dangerously passionate proposition. One she knows she isn’t strong enough to refuse.

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