Review – Falling for You: A Kensington & Benson Affair by Asia Monique

Review – Falling for You: A Kensington & Benson Affair by Asia MoniqueFalling For You: A Kensington & Benson Affair by Asia Monique
Published by Royalty Publishing House on June 27, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 152
Format: eBook
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Lovely, Kinsley, and Harper Benson are three sisters who have overcome adversity by leaning on each other in their darkest times. Now, as working adults in the world, each sister embarks on a journey of living out their dreams while trying to make each other proud. The lines are blurred between doing what they think is right and what they know will make them happy. When they encounter three brothers who are freely living out their dreams, things begin to shift in their worlds. 

Jarvis, Lamar, and Khalil Kensington are three brothers living for themselves. Everything they do is for the betterment of their lives. They are proof that living your dreams is the only way of life. A chance encounter with the alluring Benson sisters brings another life-worthy theme into their world, love. What happens when these six individuals embark on beautiful love affairs together? 

Note: This book will include three novelettes compiled into one book. Each story is connected and will be brought together by the end.

I recently started reading Asia Monique’s books and quickly became a fan of her work. I like the flow and the passion her characters bring. So far the books I’ve read have all been connected and you know how much I am a fan of seeing previous characters pop up in new books. 🙂

In Falling For You: A Kensington & Benson Affair, the Benson sisters meet the love of their lives when they encounter the Kensington brothers. Per the synopsis, this book includes three novelettes highlighting each couple.

Lovely and Jarvis 

Lovely is the oldest of the three sisters and temporarily put her life on hold when she had to step up to the plate as guardians of her younger sisters. They’re adults now and it’s time for her to live a little. Jarvis, similar to Lovely, has acted like a parent in a lot of ways to his brother. Fresh off a divorce, he’s focusing on his business and not looking for love but love finds him in the form of Lovely Benson. Together, these two let love free them, in more ways than one.

Lamar and Kinsley 

This is a love at first sight situation, at least for Lamar. Lamar sees Kinsley for the first time and knows that she’s his soulmate. He believes Kinsley has feelings for him as well but getting her to see the bigger picture may prove to be a task for him. They both have something to prove; they want to exceed expectations (ones they’ve put on themselves, to be honest) and prove that they can succeed on their own merit.

Khalil and Harper 

The babies of the family have an undeniable connection as well, but at first, try to commit to being just friends. With feelings as deep as theirs though, they can’t just be friends. Harper opens Khalil up to love in a way he wasn’t expecting and he pushes Harper to live her life to its fullest potential and follow her real dreams.


I really liked the idea of these being three novelettes into one novel. Though each couple’s story is shorter, it packs a punch. We become invested in each couple as we get a peek into their lives on their quest to happily ever after. It was easy to follow and I felt that each couple got their fair shine and their stories connected well. Love came at all of these couples fast but also reminded readers that time isn’t that big of an issue when true love is at play.

I really enjoyed Falling For You: A Kensington & Benson Affair and will be definitely be reading more of this author’s work.



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