Review: The Devil’s Bedpost by Lena Hart

Review: The Devil’s Bedpost by Lena HartThe Devil's Bedpost by Lena Hart
Published by Maroon Ash Publishing on August 30, 2016
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 316
Format: eBook
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He had it all…
Good looks. Thriving business. Beautiful fiancée. Life for casino owner David Carrone and his sweetheart Athena Lewis is at its peak—until a scandal of lies, a secret from his past, and an unspeakable tragedy tears a wide rift between them.

He lost it all…
With his reputation in question, his business in ruins, and his world crumbling around him, David struggles to protect all he holds dear. But when the most important person in his life is met with danger, he can no longer play by the rules.

He risked it all…
Desperate to get back the woman he loves, David recruits the help of some unlikely allies—and become the monster many believe him to be. Because when risking it all for the one you love, sometimes you have to face the devil with a demon...

Disclaimer: this story includes explicit sex, violence, strong language, and sensitive topics. For mature audiences.

I thought Tena and David’s story was over. They overcame their obstacles, got engaged and were well on their way to their happily ever after. That should be the end, right? Lena Hart had other plans and so here we are revisiting Tena and David in The Devil’s Bedpost.

Because I had tied this story up so neatly in my head and was only interested in seeing other characters in the series from now on, I was a bit skeptical reading this book. I didn’t know what to expect and was hoping it wouldn’t regurgitate old material. I needed a decent storyline.

There was no cause for concern with Lena Hart though as she delivered a follow-up novel that I could not stop reading. The Devil’s Bedpost was by far the most emotional story in these series but it still managed to be sinful, sexy, and heartwarming.

The Devil’s Bedpost is sensual yet dangerous. I have always liked a bit of suspense with my romance and this book gave me that and then some. It definitely had more dangerous elements than recent books.

David’s life is seemingly perfect. After a bit of scandal last year, everything seems to be back on track. His business is booming, his enemies seem to be long gone and he is engaged to the love of his life. As we’ve seen with this series, though, nothing seems to stay perfect for too long. Pretty soon, everything around David seems to be crumbling. There are lawsuits, angry confrontations with his father, guilt over past decisions, and much more. Things seem to be getting worse and as they reach their breaking point instead of confiding in his fiance, he starts to lie to her. Tena soon picks up on this and before we know it, he ends up pushing her away although that was far from his intentions. However, what should have been temporary has the potential to be permanent as he may lose Tena for good thanks to an enemy he didn’t even know he had.

We see a different side of David Carrone in this novel. For years he has tried to distance himself from his father’s organization and live on the right side of the law. However, to fix his life and get this fiance back, David has to unleash inner demons he thought he had long buried to become the lethal man that gets the answers he craves. I liked that in this book we saw a more multi-dimensional character than we did before.

Though I have already given a mouthful, to prevent myself from spoiling anything else, I suggest you read His Bedpost Queen (and check out my review) if you’re new to the series.  For those of you who are familiar with the series, visit Sin City once more and read The Devil’s Bedpost.


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