Review: Strong Loving by Niobia Bryant

Review: Strong Loving by Niobia BryantStrong Loving by Niobia Bryant
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on August 24, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance, Small Town & Rural
Pages: 113
Format: eBook
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In the ninth installment of her much-loved Strong Family series, bestselling author Niobia Bryant delivers a new “Sexy, Funny and Oh So Real” romance novella about pulling a broken marriage from the flames and fighting for real love…

Kaleb Strong and his wife, Zaria, beat the odds of a May/December relationship and their different personalities (he’s serious and she’s playful) to find their happily ever after with each other. Some years have passed and some of the romance has faded. As she nears the eve of her birthday, Kaleb’s coolness and distance over the last year has Zaria worried that their fifteen-year age gap has finally taken their toll—especially when a beautiful and much younger journalist seems to be vying for his attention.

When Zaria moves out of their family home with their small children and begins a new life without him, Kaleb knows he has to reveal the secret behind his distance in their marriage and fight once more to prove to Zaria that his love for her is stronger than ever and age is still nothing but a number…

Lack of communication can be the downfall in any relationship. Kaleb and Zaria Strong know this but find themselves on the brink of divorce in Niobia Bryant’s 9th installment of the Strong family series, Strong Loving.

Long-time readers of the blog know that Bryant’s Strong series is one of my favorite fictional families ever. My second favorite couple in the family is Zaria and Kaleb find themselves in uncharted waters.

This couple has been together for a while and still are very much in love, but the past 6-9 months have been a bit rocky for them. If you want to read about how they got together, check out The Hot Spot, however, this book can be read as a stand-alone. Kaleb is spending more time at work and consuming quite a bit of alcohol. He’s not home as much as he should be and Zaria’s mind is starting to wonder if he’s really doing what he says. Things are strained and she refuses to have a repeat of her first marriage. Is it the age difference finally catching up with them?

I wanted to shake some sense into both Zaria and Kaleb at times because they were both at fault and missing the obvious, in my opinion. However, that’s easy for me to say looking in from the outside. Lines are drawn, signs are missed and communication is at an all-time low. Can this marriage survive?

It was good to get another peek into the Strong family and briefly visit the other family members. We get just enough humor end levity to balance out this novella.

Regardless of the outcome, Strong Family reminds us that the Strongs believe in family and that will always be their number one priority.

Fans of this series will like this book and if you aren’t familiar with this family, I suggest giving it a read.


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