Review: To Break A Vow by Chencia C. Higgins

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: To Break A Vow by Chencia C. HigginsTo Break A Vow by Chencia C. Higgins
Published by EKOL Media on September 4, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 225
Format: ARC
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The middle child of the Hawkins clan, Jereth has always felt the need to create something that was just his. This need—and the impulsive actions he often takes to satisfy that need—has earned him colorful titles such as “rebel” or “wild child” amongst most everyone who knew him. Marrying a stranger in Vegas seems right up his ally and his family probably wouldn’t bat an eye at the news—if they knew about it.

Latonya Black lives a mostly satisfying existence working in her family’s business and caring for her adolescent son. Taking care of everyone else keeps her busy, but not too busy to realize she could use some male attention. On a trip to Sin City in celebration of her cousin’s nearing wedding, she comes across an enigmatic man who sweeps her away with his outlandish proposal. What follows is the give and take of a budding relationship between two people who could have it all if they just got out of their own way.

What happens when two strangers decide to get married in Vegas on the same night they meet for the first time? You get a sexy, hilarious tale with Chencia C. Higgin’s latest release, To Break A Vow.

Jereth Hawkins is the middle Hawkins sibling and impulsive AF. His latest action? Asking Latonya Black to marry him after one conversation. Latonya is in Vegas for a celebration but with a nudge from her sister, is open to some male company. Spending the night with said man, sure. Getting married? Not quite what she had in mind. However, she agrees to marry Jereth and from then on, we’re taken on the journey with these newlyweds as they navigate their new life together. While they get along well and there’s definitely one hell of an attraction between them, it’s not all easygoing. They don’t have the strongest foundation, to begin with, so add in meddling family members, lack of communication and a partner who isn’t exactly forthcoming with a lot of information, you have quite the hurdle to overcome.

Latonya was focused on her family and her business, fully committing to a man wasn’t on her radar. I appreciated the fact though that she wasn’t fully closed off to it and when the opportunity presented itself, she was willing to give it a try. Jereth was a walking contradiction in a lot of ways, and it drew me more to him. Yes, he was impulsive but that was because he trusted his gut above all else. He was protective and open with his feelings towards Tonya but also very guarded with other areas in his life. He had a way of making you feel at ease that you would forget what you needed to ask or didn’t know about him. There was definitely more than met the eye and though I was quite annoyed with how he handled quite a few things, he’s my favorite Hawkins brother. While this is the third book in the Vow Series about the Hawkins brothers, this can be read as a standalone.

To some, it may seem that these two jumped into their relationship recklessly and it wasn’t built to last, but for Jereth and Tonya, love eclipsed all. There are many layers to both characters and the overall story that I do not wish to spoil and encourage you to read and check out for yourself. I found To Break A Vow to be sexy and entertaining.


P.S. The chapter names? *chef’s kiss* PERFECTION! I laughed every, single time.


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