Review: Nobody’s Fool by K. Giles

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: Nobody’s Fool by K. GilesNobody's Fool by K. Giles
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on July 9, 2019
Genres: Poetry
Pages: 65
Format: eBook
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This collection was penned when I was dating all the wrong men, for all the wrong reasons; wanting, wishing, hoping these men would change. Me being a fool and sucker for love until I finally got tired and fed up. You know that moment when we realize that we have been a fool for love for far too long. You got tired of waiting around for him to want you and to fight for you.

Nobody’s Fool will go through all the motions of wanting to leave and stay. Love can be an emotional roller coaster at times. But you eventually get tired. Hell, you finally ask yourself, “When is enough, enough?” The sad part about it is, “Why does it always take us so long to be tired? To get fed up?” And, no matter how cruel love is to us, we still crave it, want it, need it and yearn for it because it is so hard to walk away from. As women we think about the time, the love, the care, the heart that we have invested. The signs be there that we should leave him alone and we ignore them. Why? Because he becomes a convenience due to the comfort level and familiarity. We do not like starting over. But when you finally realize who you are and what you deserve, you’ll leave. We have to adjust our crown and be like no more, I’m nobody’s fool.

“Love is a bad habit that is hard to break.”

Nobody’s Fool is a solid collection of self-reflection. We sometimes find ourselves in relationships and situations that are toxic. When we finally have the strength and know-how to leave, we find ourselves re-evaluating how we got into that particular situation in the first place. Most of us have been there, telling ourselves what a “fool” we’ve been. Comfort is alluring, pain can seem inevitable and there are many reasons why we may have stayed, and Nobody’s Fool asks readers to dig deep and answer questions to get to the root of the issue. Even if you chastise yourself for staying too long, or allowing too much, or whatever the case may be, remember you’re Nobody’s Fool and in everything, there can be a lesson.

This was a short and quick read and I liked that a song accompanied each poem, it helped it all flow pretty well.
I enjoyed this and will read more from this author.

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