Review: He Who Is A Protector by Love Belvin

Review: He Who Is A Protector by Love BelvinHe Who Is A Protector by Love Belvin
Published by MKT Publishing on August 29, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 465
Format: eBook
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“You’ve discovered my weakness, Nalib?”
“I have the power, Sadik.”
“That you do. Be careful how you execute it. I’m an Ellis; abuse of power won’t be tolerated.”
“Only if your authority acts in favor of my heart.”

She now has the power, but he remains in control.

The Ellis family is in turmoil, facing their most challenging opponent yet. In addition, there’s death, illness, betrayal, confusion, and countless new adjustments the family must endure. Can Bilan and Sadik’s love withstand it all?

Bilan has always wanted a family. Sadik proposed his was the one for her. Even during the Ellis’ weakness in trying times, can Bilan use her power to keep them together? Otherwise, what significance does this power hold?

In the greatly anticipated conclusion, find out what happens when power and control bind a family.

Be still, my heart.

The third installment in the Sadik series has arrived and is everything a girl could hope for. In Love Belvin’s He Who Is A Protector, we reach the explosive finale of Sadik and Bilan’s love story.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, check out these posts, read the books, and then come back.

Ok, you’re back? Let’s get into it.

There were a lot of unanswered questions in the second book and we don’t have to wait long for many of the answers as we dive into He Who Is A Protector.

Sadik and Bilan are both complicated individuals with lots of layers that need to be peeled back and deep pain that manifests for both in different ways. Sadik doesn’t just want Bilan’s heart, he needs her soul and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it and run over anyone who threatens his peace, even if it includes his own family. Bilan is loving Sadik the best she can but soon learns that she will need to be placed in uncomfortable situations and face some buried truths in order to get the relationship both crave.

In this novel, these two must face family turmoil and outside influences, new and old enemies and battle themselves as they fight for a happily ever after. Sadik may be the ultimate protector but he soon learns that to be his best self, he has to allow Bilan to protect him as well.

Bilan wasn’t always my favorite person throughout the series but I must admit I liked seeing her evolve throughout these three books. In the last entry, she becomes (at times reluctantly) more assertive and really comes into her own power. Sadik is BAE. He’s moved into my top 3 Love Belvin book baes and to be honest, that top three has been SOLID for a while. But whew! That Sadik! An ultimate alpha. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to secure it. He managed to be authoritative and cutthroat while still managing to be quite loving and gentle. Don’t get me wrong, he was selfish as hell when it came to his love of Bilan and protecting his love but I understood it.


I loved this story and highly recommend this series. It’s a story filled with sensual chemistry, an electric connection, drama, and strong familial ties. There’s a power struggle but by the end, you’ll know who really holds the keys.


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