Review: Don’t Walk Away by Victoria Kennedy

Review: Don’t Walk Away by Victoria KennedyDon't Walk Away by Victoria Kennedy
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on March 19, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 280
Format: eBook
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Finding love was never part of the plan...

Leah Phillips doesn’t think she deserves happiness. For ten years, she’s blamed herself for the disastrous end of her marriage. In a freak accident, her ex-husband was paralyzed, and she became a single-parent riddled with guilt. After so much pain, she can’t imagine finding pleasure or joy. The plans for her storybook life seem more elusive than ever.
Morgan Alexander is a corporate Superman with a reputation for swooping in and saving the day. He’s created a blueprint for success. Resolving problems that seem to baffle the most brilliant minds brings him great satisfaction. But he has no idea, the biggest challenge he’ll meet is in the form of a 5’4” honey-skinned, single mom named Leah.
When their worlds collide, clever plans prove no match for the demands of love. Do they follow the new path placed before them or do they walk away?

Leah Phillips isn’t really living life. Sure, she takes care of her son and goes to work but that’s about it. When it comes to REALLY living? She’s not doing it. Always available for herself and her family, she’s very rarely there for herself.

Things start to change when she meets Morgan Alexander – an intriguing man she bumps into at the coffee shop who also happens to be her new boss.

Morgan wants Leah and that is clear from the beginning. Getting Leah to let her guard down and believe that he’s good for her, and she deserves another chance at love, is another story entirely.

While these two were definitely attracted to each other pretty quickly, I would still say this was a little bit of a slow burn. Leah was hesitant due to her past and it took a while to open up. Morgan helped her in a lot of ways – not only relationship-wise but regarding her career. She was by far the most competent person at her firm but the past and her own fear of failure helped to see her full potential. I do appreciate the fact that she didn’t change BECAUSE of Morgan. Yes, he helped her see more of what was in and around her, but she made decisions on her own.

Morgan was gentle, understanding and protective to a fault. I felt that he pulled most of the weight in the relationship. Leah wasn’t always receptive to constructive criticism and became upset when things could have been handled differently. There were a few instances where she was angry with him when it should have been the other way around.

Overall, Don’t Walk Away was a solid read about knowing when to let go and taking a chance on love again.



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