Five Great ‘New to Me’ Authors I Read in 2018

Another year that has been really great to me and my reading sensibilities. I’ve read quite the number of books, doubling my initial GoodReads goal and along the way discovered a few new authors.

These authors are not necessarily new but they were new to ME. If you are in search of new authors (and new books to read), allow me to share five of my new favorite authors.

These are the authors I discovered in 2018, the books I loved, and the reason they can now consider me a fan.

JN Welsh

I read In Tune in October and automatically thought that I must download another one of JN Welsh’s books. I picked up Before We Say Goodbye after that and knew that I would keep an eye out for her future works. I really like an inescapable love plot; one where one or both of the characters can try to deny feelings but the truth will keep knocking them in their face. Based on these two novels I’ve read, JN gets that. Her multicultural romance novels feature strong and independent, no holds barred heroines and I’ll always be a fan of that.

Recommended book (s):

In Tune


Katrina Jackson

I read a few books by Katrina this year and in every one, she managed to give me a compact story that’s short(ish) and sweet yet emotional and erotic enough to make a reader blush. That’s a lot to fit into a novella, huh? Well,  I read a few books by Katrina this year and her work definitely fits the bill.

Recommended book (s)


Pink Slip


Tasha L. Harrison

What happens when a social activist and police officer fall in love? I read The Truth of Things earlier this year and was simply blown away.  Levi and Ava are unforgettable characters. This novel takes you through a range of emotions and the way Tasha wrote this book leaves an imprint on you. Through their love story, she weaves a tale of the difference of opinions and devastating loss. I laughed, loved, and cried quite a bit. There was so much vulnerability between these two characters and that seems to be a theme I can appreciate with this author’s work. I recently finished The Lust Diaries series

Recommended book(s):

The Truth of Things


P.S. I am patiently awaiting part 2 to the Truth of Things, titled The Way Things Are.


Stephanie Nicole Norris

As you may (or may not) know, I love a good family saga. If you can give me a solid well-thought out family series with at least 4 books I am a happy camper.  I stumbled across her Falling for a Rose series earlier this year and liked it quite it a bit. She gives me sensuality, great passion and a solid storyline in her loves with a healthy dose of instalove. I’m on the fence most times with instalove but Stephanie does it right.

Recommended book(s):

No Holds Barred


D.A. Young

While we’re on the topic of family sagas, I would be remiss if I do not mention D.A. Young. D.A. Young feeds into my love for fictional multi-layered characters with dark(ish) pasts who are sensual people yearning for love. Her novels provide the perfect balance of passionate romance, beautiful quaint towns, and enough mystery to keep us on our toes.

Recommended book(s)

Sweet Obsession


Discovered any new authors this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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