Why Aren’t These Shows on Netflix?

Every weekend I indulge in at least 4-5 hours of binge-watching television on. Netflix is my right-hand man and doesn’t lead me astray. Whether it’s new documentaries, recently added episodes of some of my favorites shows or original programming, Netflix is one subscription that I do not complain about when I see the money deducted out of my account every month.

Because I hold Netflix in such high regard, I must also take them to task when I deem it necessary. While there are TONS of programming that I love on Netflix, there are quite a few glaring admissions. Scrolling through the Netflix queue last weekend, I realized that there were shows missing that I had just automatically assumed were there. Lo and behold, when I went to type in the names there was nothing to be found.


To the powers that be over on Netflix, I’ve come up with a list that I need you to take a look at ASAP. In the interest of time, I’ll keep my list short. There’s only seven.

Living Single

TV One introduced me to Living Single. I was pretty young when the final episode aired so I watched it a few years after the fact. Living Single was so good and so funny. I need this show at my disposal.


One of the best comedies of the 1990’s deserves to be on Netflix. WE DESERVE THIS.

The Jamie Foxx Show

I don’t think The Jamie Foxx Show got enough recognition. Yes, it was quite popular but it still seemed to be underrated. I need this show on Netflix for no other reason than to hear Jamie’s jingles.

Sister, Sister

Who didn’t love Tia and Tamera Mowry in the 90’s? Who didn’t know the phrase, “Go home, Roger!” ?Sister, Sister was my jam back in the day! It was a great coming of age show that was an important part of my childhood. I don’t think I appreciated it fully until my later teens, though. It was smart, funny, and relevant.  I may be wrong but I hardly see any reruns of this show. To help with this, Netflix you need to have it.

General Hospital

So. Netflix, you all can’t broker a deal with ABC to have soap operas available for binge watching? I’m tired of having to go to YouTube to relive some of my favorite moments. Let’s not forget that soap operas take up a lot of space on the DVR. I know there are A LOT of episodes but I’m sure you all can negotiate a good deal. I’m not the only soap opera fan, there are tons of us, and I’m sure we will all appreciate this.

The Nanny

I was in the mood to watch a little bit of Fran Fine and had one hell trying to find it on television. I know Nick at Nite used to play it a bit but it was not available when I needed it. Why is this show not airing every night from 11pm-1am? Why?! While I write a letter to  Nickelodeon or someone else about rectifying this situation, Netflix please do me a solid favor and get this on the app. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be there.

Law & Order

So you all can have SVU available but not the original? The original Law & Order is the GOAT, and it needs to be added.


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