Review: A Lover’s Return by Altonya Washington

Review: A Lover’s Return by Altonya WashingtonA Lover's Return on January 12, 2016
Pages: 388
Format: eBook
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Persephone James had a brilliant mind. With a degree in Oriental medicine, the beautiful doctor had a well-respected name in the field of acupressure therapy, an exotic home and lovely twin girls to raise. There was only one thing she wanted. Sadly, it was the one thing she would probably never have. The man she loved was inclined to veer towards hate rather than love when he discovered she had been raising their children without him ever knowing they existed. There had been reasons- there were always reasons-matters of life, death and outwitting the monstrous… In this instance, they all pertained.
Hilliam Tesano should have been veering towards hating the woman he loved. He wasn’t. In spite of the way Persephone had left him years ago; when they were at their happiest, he could not hate her. What she had kept from him though, surely he could- should hate her for that. He had met her at a time and in a place where pure innocence was rare. She had been precisely that. Now they were in each other’s lives again and once again, pure innocence was in a place where it had no business.
Hill and Persephone are about to take part in a final push to silence the threat that had wreaked regret and ruin so many times over. The time had come for a joining of forces. The time had come for all secrets to be revealed- all stories to be told. The time had come for a lover’s return.

Listen… This book was EVERYTHING I needed and more.

If I had only one word to describe A Lover’s Return, it would be intense. The characters, the locales, the explosive conclusion to all that was dark and twisty; it was all intense.

I don’t even have to tell you all how much I simply adore the Ramsey and Tesanos. I have mentioned them time and time again on this blog and will continue to do so for as long as I type. A Lover’s Return is the ending to this beloved series and family that I’ve held close to my heart for a couple of years now. While I eagerly anticipated this book, I was a little hesitant to read it because I didn’t want the story to end. If I’m going to be really honest with you, I was a tad bit worried that Washington wouldn’t live up the high expectations I had. She needed to up the ante on the drama and make me fall in love with Hill andPersephone. The romance part didn’t worry me as much as the drama did. Well, I was foolish to doubt her for even one second. She called my bluff and definitely met my expectations. When I tell you she put her foot in this book, she put her entire foot in this series.

A Lover’s Return tells the second chance story in a way that is rarely told. Hilliam Tesano and Persephone James met on Black Island years ago. They spent ten great years together until old and constant enemies forced her to run and leave Hill, all while keeping a very close guarded secret. Six years later, they’re back in each other lives and she’s forced to face the lies and secrecy. She doesn’t just have to deal with the fallout with Hill (though he was the most important), there were friends and family members who also needed answers.

This isn’t simply a story about long lost loves reuniting. The love was never lost. The decision wasn’t mutual to initially separate so there was a lot of confusion and miscommunication. Hill was angry and hurt. While Sef had her own demons she had to chase away, Hill also had his fair share. He became a much more dangerous man once she left; probably did a lot of things he wasn’t proud of.

Since we’re talking about Hill, let’s just discuss the magnificence of this man. While Pike is still my favorite Tesano, that damn Hill is running a very close second. He’s alluring; women don’t know whether to lust after him or run in the other direction. Men are deathly afraid of him and for good reason. But while he’s that way to the public, he is a deeply passionate and lovable man to his family. He made a lot of mistakes with his loved ones but he always had the best intentions.

Hill isn’t an easy man but for his beloved Sef, he’ll do just about anything; destroy anyone and eliminate anything that threatens to keep them apart again. He’s angry at the beginning of this book, and with very good reason. But soon he is able to put aside his anger and forgive Sef.

Oh, the drama. As much as the Ramseys are known for their intense love, readers are no stranger to the drama that has followed them since we first met them. We finally get closure on the seemingly never ending and dangerous game the Ramseys and Tesanos have been embroiled in for years.

A Lover’s Return is about fighting your demons, leaving the past in the past, and staying committed to a love that promises a lifetime.

I wish I could give this book 10 stars! That’s how much I loved it. Longtime fans of the Ramsey series will be happy campers. While it’s bittersweet to reach the end, you will love these characters happy place. For those who are a bit unfamiliar, if you haven’t read this Ramsey series by Altonya Washington it’s time to get your life together!

I do have one main question for Ms. Ramsey after reading this book. Is it possible that we will get books about those fine men that were also mentioned in A Lover’s Return? Namely, the Vestige members and Moses’ less than savory friends?

Oh, oh, and would it be too much to ask to get a short novella featuring a certain Tesano and Sef’s friend? (Trying not to spoil too much)

Pretty please? 🙂


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