My Favorite Soap Opera Villains

As many times as I say I’m done with soap operas, there’s always something that pulls me back. I’ve watched my fair share of soap operas on and off since I was about 11 years old. As such, I undoubtedly have my favorite characters and couples which I’ve spoken about before. I also have my favorite villains; these were the people that disrupted the towns they were in and wrecked many relationships and lives. Not all villains stay long in soap opera towns, but the really good ones always leave a mark.


Here are my favorite soap opera villains.

Sami Brady – Days of Our Lives

Sami Brady has done some sh*t in her lifetime, that’s for damn sure. Sami was vindictive, untrustworthy, and manipulative on a good day. She was undoubtedly Salem’s number one troublemaker. While many people, including myself, couldn’t stand her most of the time; we all loved to hate her.

David Hayward – All My Children

David Hayward was a next one. You couldn’t trust him as far as you could throw him. Though a gifted cardiac surgeon, he was tormented in all other areas. Even when he seemingly fell in love, he couldn’t curb his ways for even a little bit. David was well known for lying, cheating, stealing, and even on an occasion or two spiking his enemies’ drinks.

Though I would say David became less devious in his later years, he was still a thorn in everyone’s side and did a whole lot of bad than he did good.

Lorenzo Alcazar – General Hospital

I hated Lorenzo because after he helped keep Carly Corinthos hostage on the yacht after Ric Lansing kidnapped her, he fell in love and subsequently caused problems between Sonny and Carly. NOBODY interferes with Sonny and Carly and have me still like them. He was arrogant but there was something alluring that ultimately drew Carly to him, albeit temporarily and despite the fact that she was always still in love with Sonny.

He tried to get rid of Sonny and Jason every time he got and even at one point blew up Sonny’s limo in order to help Carly win custody of the kids. While the intentions were okay, there was terrible terrible execution. Let’s not forget that his ass was the reason we had to endure the Metro Court crisis in 2007.

Lorenzo was fine as all hell though, and even though I couldn’t stand his ass, his looks and compassion for Carly at his peak didn’t make me cringe ALL OF THE TIME.


Honorable mention has to go Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives and Helena Cassadine from General Hospital who may very well be the original soap opera villains. They’re not on my list because during the time I heavily watched both soaps, I don’t think they wreaked as much as havoc as they had previously so I didn’t have much of a connection.

Where are my fellow soap opera fans? Who are your favorite soap opera villains?

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