‘Southpaw’ Looks Worth Watching

I watched Furious 7 this weekend (definitely worth seeing!) and as with any time I’m at the theater, I saw some new trailers and more than a few looked interesting. With about the eight or so that we saw, none interested me more than Southpaw.

Southpaw stars Jake Gyllenhaal, as Billy Hope, a boxer at the height of his fame, with a loving family. His wife, Maureen played by Rachel McAdams, begs him to quit so that he can spend time with his daughter. He announces his retirement at a party but that all quickly changes when his wife is killed and his world falls apart. His money and his child is gone and his only hope is to get back into the world of boxing with the help of a new trainer played by Forest Whitaker.

Apparently I am a little behind on the Southpaw train. I had heard light rumblings about it but didn’t look into it much at the time, to be honest. The trailer for Southpaw was released last week, check it out here:

Southpaw  is directed by Antoine Fuqua (one of my favorite directors) with a script from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and The Equalizer writer Richard Wenk. Southpaw hits theaters on July 31st.

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