Scandal Recap: Honor Thy Father

When I tell you that Scandal blew the top off of this season with the ending of last night’s episode? That is no exaggeration.

Just by the title of the episode, even if you haven’t watched it, I think you guessed what it really means. PAPA POPE IS BACK! Honestly, I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t even check the title or even catch on at first.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


Let me just start this off by saying Olivia Carolyn Pope has to teach me her ways. Every man Liv has ever had on this damn show is hooked on her immediately. She got this man she met at the bar refusing to leave her house. Sir, it is supposed to be a one night stand. First of all, why didn’t you leave directly after and secondly, don’t try to strike up a conversation early in the morning. Russell, whose real name isn’t Russell, refused to leave her house the day after and then convinced her to go another round. He’s a sweet talker but can’t be trusted. I figured something was fishy about him from the beginning but more on that in a bit.


OPA’s client (which I am so happy we have cases again!) is Congressman Nicolas Reed, whose father George is on death row after confessing to killing a man named Dan Hoffman 15 years ago. Mr. Hoffamn was his daughter’s high school teacher, who seemed to have a thing for little girls.  She fell in love with him and six months later, he broke her heart and she hung herself. Shortly thereafter Dan was killed and before a full investigation could even be launched, the case was closed. George came forward and confessed to killing him. Nicolas knows that his father didn’t do it and wants Liv to save him from being executed. After Liv visits him, she believes that he is innocent, despite his insistence, and takes the case.


The team originally had Dan’s wife, Lisa, as a suspect and go to visit her home for more information but is told by her sister that she died of pancreatic cancer two weeks before. Later, Huck and Quinn search the house for any evidence that may link Lisa to the murder. In the basement, they find a gun that matches the ballistics of the one used to kill Dan. Olivia goes to the prison to see George and Nicolas accompanies her. She tells him of the gun but says it was too perfect. Someone clearly planted the gun and we find out that it was Nicolas. Nicolas was the one who killed Dan and George took the fall. In the end, Nicolas admits to committing the crime, resigns from office and goes to prison. Even with him doing this, it was like a burden was lifted off of him. As he told Liv, he was trying to take the fall for years but his father wouldn’t let him. George did this so that Nicolas would be able to live freely but his son didn’t really live at all.

George is released from prison and sees freedom for the first time in over 15 years, though none of his children are there to rejoice.


David is still full steam ahead with the B613 take-down but Jake is staunchly against it which is initially surprising. After threatening David, long story short, David, Quinn and Huck gather around in David’s office to hatch a plan to take down Jake. They are going to bring in former ex-B613 agents who worked with Jake. David is a full blown fool because he concocts this whole plan in his office and didn’t even check to see if the place was bugged. It was and we see that Jake is somewhere listening to his conversations and hearing the plans.

They find the three ex agents and bring them to the safe house where Charlie is enlisted to watch over them when Huck and Quinn have to leave to help Liv with the case. Things take a turn for the worse pretty quickly though. Charlie left the agents to go get food and when he returns, he finds all the agents either critically wounded or dead. Jake comes out from behind a wall, and the two men get into a fight until Jake runs out. Huck, Quinn and David make it back to the safe house after this and Charlie tells them that Jake has completely lost it and needs to be stopped. Quinn is initially hesitant about this but Huck reminds her that this is no longer the Jake that they know. He is in survival mode where it is killed or be killed and though he helped tremendously when Liv was taken, he’s not that person anymore. He is dangerous.


Huck tracks down Jake and finds that he is at Olivia’s apartment. Well not technically IN her apartment as we learn. When Huck and Quinn get to Olivia’s place, she opens the door with a drink in her hand. She is on a date with Russell.

Let’s just pause for a second. Olivia, did you forget the definition of a one night stand too? You are barely juggling the two men in your life now, Russell is going to have to go!! You were supposed to get you a piece, recharge and then go about your business. He is not supposed to be in your house, on your couch watching television eating popcorn and drinking wine.


Ok back to regularly scheduled programming.

She dismisses Huckleberry Quinn pretty quickly and when the door closes, the one across the hall opens. Jake is now taking up shop in Lois’ apartment. He tells them he is not going anywhere and if they even try to kill him, Olivia will die too.

So after his revelation, Huck, Quinn, Charlie and David all meet in front of the Lincoln Memorial where everyone but David accepts defeat. They realize that there’s no justice available for them and Jake can probably kill them all. When David tries to understand why they still won’t move forward, Huck’s answer is simple: Liv is family. Regardless of everything, Huck nor Quinn would ever be willing to put Liv’s life on the line.

As we know, David has been a series of bad decisions lately. So in keeping with his trend, he tries to take matters into his own hands. In his office, he calls Huck and says he will testify against Jake as he was a witness to James’ murder. Now mind you, David tells Huck ALL OF THIS over the phone IN HIS OFFICE. The same office that has been bugged so of course Jake is listening. Later that night when David is walking his secretary, Molly, to her car, Jake is watching them. As they open up her trunk, Jake makes himself known with a gun in his hand. I just knew it was the end right there. I just knew in my heart that David’s life was about to come an end and we would have another funeral. Turns out I was wrong. Jake tells him to move a bit to his left. So when he did that, I though oh well poor Molly. Turns out I was wrong again. Molly’s ass had a gun. Apparently, she’s a B613 agent who’s been spying on David’s investigation. SHE is the person who killed the other B613 agents, not Jake. Jake wastes no time and delivers a fatal shot to Molly. Once again, David has blood all over his face and Jake is left with a gun.



We quickly find out that Olivia has known about Jake’s surveillance of David all this time. Jake wasn’t going behind anyone’s back, he actually is one of the good guys. When Huck goes to Olivia to tell her about Jake, she scolds him like a child. She says that he should have told her from the beginning, he should have been open and honest with her. They have to stick together, especially now considering what’s about to happen. You know, Olivia having to tell Huck that is a little worrisome for me. Their connection isn’t as strong as it normally is and that has to be rectified pretty soon.

Later on that night, there is a knock on Liv’s door. She opens it and finds Russell, only he is not alone. He looks to the side and Papa Pope emerges.

hello olivia




I guess it’s pretty safe to say that Papa Pope is done fishing. Shit is about to hit the fan. We know we are only a couple of episodes from the season finale so it is safe to say we are about to be on one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Everybody better buckle up their seat belts because the Gladiators are going to need to come READY.

Yes the title of Scandal’s epsiode was for Congressman Reed but it was just as much about Rowan. Papa Pope to Olivia: Honor Thy Father, little girl.

No new episode next week so I’ll see you back here after the April 16th’s episode which is apparently titled I’m Just A Bill. Which I can tell you right now based on that and the previews, Team #Olitz is in some trouble and I am not going to be happy about it.

Elsewhere in the episode:

Mellie’s sister came to visit her and we saw Mellie a little out of character. While Mellie is now seen as poised and well put together, her sister is well….country. There are a lot of secrets between those two and if they’re not careful, Mellie’s whole plan will unravel. I honestly think that Cyrus is going to be the one to help do that because he is not happy about Mellie’s campaign and the obvious closeness that Mellie and Fitz now have. Fitz is committed to helping Mellie with this and Cyrus is not here for it.


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