Review: For Keeps by Tiffany Patterson

Review: For Keeps by Tiffany PattersonFor Keeps by Tiffany Patterson
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on November 10, 2018
Genres: Multicultural & Interracial, Romance
Pages: 345
Format: eBook
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I was doing fine. Just fine. I’d long since left my cheating, two-timing, slime ball of a husband, and was doing well making my way in the world. I had a career that I loved as a financial advisor, great friends, and family. I didn’t need for anything. Especially not love. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely soured on the whole falling in love thing. However, after having my heart crushed once by the man who claimed to love me and only me, I wasn’t exactly itching to take another walk down that aisle. Especially, not with another athlete of all people. Then, in walks Tyler Townsend. Or rather, I walked into his life. And from then on out, it was a struggle to keep my heart tucked behind the armor of self-defense I’d erected to prevent myself from getting hurt again.

When you know, you know. Or so say, the men in my family. While I was never one to run from love, marriage or commitment, I knew it’d take a strong woman to handle everything that came with being with me. Not only was my family well connected and wealthy, but as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, I had made a success of my life on my own. In my world, women came a dime a dozen … or so I thought. All of the teasing I’d done to my older brothers once they’d fallen in love was coming back to haunt me. I just knew it. Because as soon as Destiny McDonald blew into my world, all the games were over. No other woman would do. And I do anything to ensure that she knew it. And I do mean anything. Because this time I’m playing for keeps.

When Tyler Townsend plays, he plays for keeps.

The youngest Townsend meets the love of his life in Tiffany Patterson’s For Keeps, the fourth novel in the Townsend series. If you’re familiar with the other books ( my favorite is definitely Carter’s Flame) you’ll be familiar with Tyler. He’s the youngest brother and franchise quarterback of the Williamstown Cougars. He’s the life of every party, jokester and a doting uncle.

Most may think Tyler has no plans of settling down anytime soon but that’s not necessarily the case. Though he’s teased his brothers about their married life, he’s always known that he would get married and have a family. He knew that as soon as he found the one, he would waste no time.

Tyler’s priorities quickly shift into focus when he meets financial advisor, Destiny McDonald. Destiny is working with the football team on financial literacy and proper money management during training camp. She immediately catches his eye and he is intent on making her his. She has no plans of that happening, having gone through a divorce and experienced loss. He doesn’t care about her plans though and is intent on bulldozing his way into her heart. Sure, she has excuses about the age difference or not dating an athlete but he’s not going for any of that. He knows what he wants, he knows the game, and he’s determined to win.

Both characters knew what they wanted professionally and were at the top of their game, no pun intended. I appreciated the fact that Tyler was patient yet firm in his pursuit of Destiny, and that although she wasn’t looking for a relationship and wanted to avoid Tyler, once Destiny realized her feelings she didn’t completely shut the door.

“I only know how to live one of two ways. All in or not at all. There’s no point of half-assing anything, not especially when I know something is mine for the taking.”

– Tyler Townsend


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