Review: Cherish Me by Farrah Rochon

Review: Cherish Me by Farrah RochonCherish Me by Farrah Rochon
Published by Wandering Road Press on June 18th 2018
Pages: 256
Format: eBook
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Harrison Holmes has it all: the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. Until it all comes crashing down around him. Of all the problems suddenly complicating his life, the troubling state of his relationship with his wife Willow scares Harrison the most. In an effort to rekindle the dying flames of his once-perfect marriage, he makes plans to whisk Willow off to Italy for their wedding anniversary. But will it be enough, or will Harrison have to face his greatest fear of all, losing the woman he cherishes? 
 Willow Holmes has the kind of life she's always dreamed of: a handsome, successful husband, a palatial home in the suburbs, and two remarkable children. So why is she so unhappy? Maybe because she had other dreams that went unfulfilled. Now she's rethinking the career and life she sacrificed to devote herself to marriage and motherhood. When her husband gifts her with a delayed honeymoon in Rome, Willow sees it as a first step in setting their relationship back on track. But how can she make Harrison see that one trip won't fix all that ails their marriage? And what will become of them when the secret she's been keeping comes to light?

Willow and Harrison Holmes are at an impasse in their marriage. He’s sleeping in the studio apartment upstairs his law firm and she’s at home with the kids, trying not to let them see how much she regrets their predicament.

They both still deeply love each other and want to be together. Harrison is willing to do the work, even if it means facing his fear of flying to take his wife on the overdue honeymoon of her dreams.

Willow loves her husband and her family, but she’s unfulfilled. She’s having a tough time coming to grips with that and explaining to her husband the reasoning behind their recent separation.

She also has a secret that is causing her a lot of guilt. Truth be told, there were a few times that I wanted to talk some sense into Willow. Don’t get me wrong, Harrison wasn’t a saint, and he was a chronic workaholic, but he was more open in expressing his emotions.

One of the things that kept me interested was that there wasn’t some huge over the top conflict with them. It was subtle, it was convincing and it was relatable. There are quite a few couples that can read this novel and immediately see how these two characters got to where they were in their marriage. 
I also really appreciated that the blame wasn’t placed on one person’s feet. Willow and Harrison were equally responsible and eventually, they were willing to own up to both of their parts.

Though Cherish Me is the seventh novel in the Holmes series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I haven’t read any of the previous novels and had no problem following along with secondary characters.

In the end, Willow and Harrison are reminded of their priorities and the love they both crave and cherish.


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