My Favorite Leading Ladies in Romance Novels

I did a post a while back about my favorite romance heroes, so it would be remiss of me to leave my ladies out. Just as my men are held to a high standard when reading romance novels, so are my ladies.

The ladies included here are independent, strong willed, ambitious and know how to use lemons to make lemonade. They are confident and know that a man that doesn’t make them whole, he enhances her life.

Here are my favorite leading ladies in romance novels:

Michaela Sellars-Ramsey – A Lover’s Dream by Altonya Washington

Michaela Sellars was first introduced to us in A Lover’s Dream but is present throughout the entire Ramsey/Tesano saga. She’s a writer, and that’s what initially drew me to her. Despite the fact that she had a very rough upbringing and lacked love in her childhood, she built a successful writing career, didn’t allow her past to stop from her falling in love and grew up to be an outstanding woman. I really liked Mick because she wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted, even when that includes standing up to Quest Ramey’s overbearing antics. She allowed Quest to be vulnerable and he helped her to love unconditionally and without reservation. 

Liza Wilson, Campaign for Seduction by Ann Christopher

I loved the different layers we got to see of Liza Wilson in Christopher’s political romance, Campaign for Seduction. She was a badass in her career and was on course to getting everything she wanted professionally. However, she wasn’t all tough as nails. There was a vulnerability to Liza that I related to, and made this one of my favorite books by Christopher.

Vivid Lancaster, Vivid by Beverly Jenkins

Speaking of women who are focused are in charge of their career, Vivid Lancaster is next on my list. This was a historical romance featuring one of the first black women doctors in the 1800s? A woman making history? I absolutely love it.

Dr. Taiyler Richardson, Behind Those Eyes by T.P. Carter

Behind Those Eyes is a such an underrated romance that I can’t even take it. It is easily one of my top ten favorite books ever, and I really wish more people loved this book as much as I do. It’s so much more than a romance novel but we’ll leave it as is for now. Dr. Taiyler Richardson was unapologetic in her success but still managed to seem like a grounded hometown girl in many ways. She wasn’t perfect, as evident by the unfolding events in this novel, but her heart was pure. Carter allowed Taiyler to go through all of the emotions, she was a know-it-all when she wanted to be, but was vulnerable and confused at many junctures.


Just like my book heroes, I have a serious attachment to my book heroines. Are you all like me and have favorites?  Let me know in the comments below!

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