Review: Bachelor Unforgiving by Brenda Jackson

Review: Bachelor Unforgiving by Brenda JacksonBachelor Unforgiving by Brenda Jackson
Published by Harlequin on July 19th 2016
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 224
Format: eBook
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Passionate payback They say you can forgive but you can never forget. Virgil Bougard takes that saying to heart. Four years ago Kara Goshay believed a vicious lie about him and ended their relationship. And even after her apology, Virgil is still bitter. He doesn't intend to make things easy for Kara when his family's firm hires her PR company to revamp his playboy image. But faking a liaison with Kara for the media backfires when the line between fantasy and reality is blurred by strong sexual attraction. Kara wanted forgiveness. Instead she's deep into a heated affair with the powerful, charismatic man she can't resist. The man who claims he'll never forgive her, especially when a secret enemy puts her professional reputation in jeopardy. Stakes are high—but so is their searing desire, a connection so intense it could possibly tame this elusive, unforgiving bachelor at last…

It’s always a good weekend when I can read a new Brenda Jackson novel.

She is back with her Bachelors in Demand series and this time it’s about Virgil, in Bachelor Unforgiving. If I’m being honest, the lapse has been quite long with the books in this series that I almost forgot about it. ALMOST.

Kara Goshay and Virgil Bougard were deeply in love four years ago. Everyone thought wedding bells were in the near future. However, Kara was told an unsubstantiated lie and she believed it, and that was the downfall of their relationship.

Years later, her PR firm is called to help fix Virgil’s image. A plan that I wasn’t in agreement with from the beginning, was put into place, and these two were thrust back into each other’s lives.

We’re familiar with this song and dance. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and when two people who loved each other as much as they did are made to spend so much time together, old feelings are guaranteed to resurface. But is it too late?

Kara was really naive, and she was one of the first Brenda Jackson heroines that I didn’t like that much. Someone tells you something about your boyfriend and you automatically take it at face value. You didn’t ask for proof, you didn’t take the information and investigate further? You weren’t being told he took your toothpaste, you were told he cheated on you. INVESTIGATE. If only briefly. I thought this was common sense. If you tell me something about my boyfriend, cousin or mother, I will appreciate the sentiment but I know I need proof before I confront someone.

She had no one to blame but herself.

With that being said, Virgil was definitely a bachelor unforgiving. He was not a fan of “forgive and forget”. After we learned a little bit more about their history, particularly Kara’s family, I did feel the need for Virgil to lighten up a bit. The past is the past and unfortunately, they couldn’t go back in time and change what happened. However, he was very much still into Kara and he became so adamant about denying it that he started to come off as petty. Everyone and their mothers could see that he was still in love with that girl and he just refused want to admit it.

After a close call and Virgil’s ego being almost too big to truly forgive and accept, Virgil and Kara found their way back to each other permanently. They were a cute couple with a solid history and just enough passion to keep readers interested in this short read. Bachelor Unforgiving was a nice addition to the Bachelors in Demand series, and I am ecstatic that Zane’s story is finally up next. I remember being intrigued by him for the longest. Something tells me it will take a very special woman to get the elusive jeweler to settle down.

Anyone else fans of this series by Brenda Jackson? Let me know what’s been your favorite story so far.



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