Grey’s Anatomy: Got to Be Real

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy dealt with so much emotion. Everyone was in a fight; a fight against their emotions,  heartbreak, bad luck, coincidence and each other.

Let’s get into what happened on last night’s episode, shall we?


Alex is finally getting a dose of what being Meredith’s person really does mean. Meredith goes to Alex’s house and catches him up on the Maggie fiasco while he is taking a shower. Now Alex is a little new to being the “person” thing so he definitely wasn’t a fan of listening to her life story while he was naked. Not to worry though, Meredith was not worried about any of that as she stated, “Your junk’s spectacular.”

Image via ABC
Image via ABC

Eventually she leaves the shower and once dry, they head downstairs where Alex’s solution is to break into the hospital’s files to look up Maggie’s birthday. Why? Because he’s never going to get his presentation for the board ready worrying about Meredith. And Meredith decision is to have a few drinks so the best thing is for them is to just find out the truth once and for all. They find out that Maggie was born in ’83 which Meredith remembers as the time when her Mom tried to kill herself. We then realize exactly what happened in the flashback that started off this season: Ellis was being treated for slitting her wrists when she found out she was pregnant.

Meredith realizes that she is her sister and then calls Richard, who spent earlier that day bonding with Maggie and we got the sense that he was really getting to the point where he wanted to know his daughter.

When Richard arrives at the house, Meredith is at first very angry with him for not telling Maggie the truth. However, she as we do, realize that he is just as angry at Ellis for not letting him know that he was a father 30 years ago.


After talking with Meredith and the house, Richard finally tells Maggie the truth. A cute and cuddly embrace is not what happened here, though I surely didn’t expect one. Maggie says that she initially thought that he could be her father after he said how well he knew Ellis but she tucked that thought away because there was no way he would have kept that from her all this time. She lashes out at Richard and suggests he is a coward because only someone like that would have withheld that sort of information for so long after they met. She believes that he never wanted her in the first place which is why he didn’t think to mention this important detail to her.

Now hold on! I understand that she is angry and really hurt by this entire situation but she’s just jumping to conclusions. What about asking him to explain himself? Did she ever stop to think that MAYBE HE DIDN’T KNOW?!! Yes, he was absolutely wrong for keeping that information from her for so long but damn! The man was in shock, he still is. I know as the audience we are seeing things much differently but I can’t help it. It might because I am just not a fan of Maggie but that’s beside the point.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the magnitude of the situation and Maggie just wants to know about her biological parents but she has not been winning any brownie points here lately. It’s like she honestly thought Meredith would welcome her with open arms and people would just give her loads of information about her mother. That is not realistic.  I believe Richard will eventually get through to her and they’ll build some sort of relationship pretty quickly because he is a really great guy. If she really wants to know Meredith though, Richard is going to have to bridge that gap. And while Richard knows a lot about Ellis Grey, to really know everything about her she’s going to have to go to the person who ultimately knew her best – Meredith. That will not be easy nor quick.


I believed I mentioned in my last recap that we will probably start seeing more of the toll Christina’s leaving is having on Owen. We are starting to see that now.  Although Owen dragged Callie to the Veterans Rehab Hospital  and in a way guilted her to using the patients as subjects in her robot limb study, it was a really good idea. It went downhill though when Owen started guaranteeing results that he shouldn’t have and then ordered Callie to “fix” the problem! As luck would have it, Jackson, who was fast becoming a hall monitor as head of the board and not the wonderful doctor he is was able to help the wounded veteran who Owen demanded to be fixed. This allowed Callie to be of help after all. Owen came to Callie to apologize and eventually admitted that he is afraid. He is afraid of going back to that dark place he was in when he first came to Seattle. Christina saved him, he says, and provided that light he needed. And with her no longer around he is afraid that he is going to become dark again if something good doesn’t start happening. That is why he was pushing Callie so hard with these veterans, he just wants something good.

Owen brings Callie to a veterans hospital . Image via ABC
Owen brings Callie to a veterans hospital .
Image via ABC


Did we ever think that Callie and Arizona would be able to go through with this new baby? I surely didn’t. With Arizona taking on this new fellowship, I got the feeling that she would be the first one to buckle about the surrogate baby. Callie is now going to work with Jackson and Owen in helping veterans and while I know how much Callie wanted another baby, with this new added responsibility I don’t see how it would be possible at the moment. Arizona saw it too and prematurely suggested that they wait before doing this. That is not what Callie wanted to hear and this re opened a wound that had just closed for this couple. I give this relationship a 50/50 chance of lasting till the end of this season and that is me being really optimistic. This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Since Derek decided he would stay in Seattle, he has been working his sister’s last nerve – stepping on her toes, trying to override her decisions and trying to mark his territory which ends up putting April in the middle of his shenanigans. (Not that I mind so  much because we all know I am not a fan of Kepner but that’s neither here nor there.) To put it lightly: Amelia was not happy. After losing a patient, Derek admitted to his sister that he felt pressured into staying in Seattle. He wanted to work for the President and take that next step in his career but being that he loved his family, he couldn’t leave. In the end, Amelia made it clear to him though that she isn’t about to give up the position she now has because he decided to stay.

When will Meredith and Derek finally sit down and discuss all that is going on?
When will Meredith and Derek finally sit down and discuss all that is going on?

Now I understand that Derek didn’t want to leave his family behind but Meredith never once said that the marriage was over if he left. She simply said that she couldn’t go. For far too long, she has taken a back seat and she refuses to do that anymore and I do not blame her. She is the sun and she deserves to have the very best and be the brilliant surgeon that she is. Derek doesn’t quite see it that way, he sees it as he had to give up the opportunity of a lifetime. HE DID NOT have to do that. Meredith was willing to make concessions so they could still see each other. Now Derek is starting to resent Meredith and this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, especially if their encounter last night is any indication. He was upset because Meredith said she might be slightly drunk when walking into the board meeting. Paraphrasing here, he said she’s too busy getting drunk and skipping work while he is STUCK in Seattle. She was just about to tell him about her new found sister when he blurted that out. Two words: MAJOR DRAMA.



Honestly, I wasn’t surprised that she was chosen. While Christina did give Alex her shares of the hospital, I don’t think anyone truly thought he was ready for such a position.


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