Five Essential Podcasts for The Creative Hustler

I can’t tell you the last time I was in my car and listened to commercial radio unless someone else was driving with me. If my Tidal app isn’t synced, chances are I’m listening to a podcast. I have more than a few that I obsessively check in with each week that range in topics from politics and pop culture to lifestyle, self-help, and television. Today, we’re talking about five of my favorites, specifically the ones that all my fellow creative hustlers need to be listening to.

These are the podcasts that you are always playing in my car; that I never miss an episode of, and that I recommend to anyone who would listen. These women get my life together on a continual basis and do so without apology. They are designed to inspire, create, and motivate you to hustle!

These are five essential podcasts for the creative hustler:

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Side Hustle Pro with Nicailia Matthews

We’re told that we need multiple streams of income. For a lot of that means having a side hustle. Nicailia Matthews hosts a podcast that teaches us “how to build and grow a side hustle from passion project to profitable business.” I’m all about the side hustle and as I am learning on how to solidify my side hustle and make it beneficial to my well being and (hopefully) my pockets, Side Hustle Pro is a must-listen.

Recommended episodes:

Ep 18: How to Make Yourself Marketable with Emmelie De La Cruz

Ep 43: How to Side Hustle and Not Get Fired

Ep 51: Myleik Teele on Why You Should Leap Before You’re Ready

Ep: 56: How Lisa Price Turned Her Side Hustle Into A Multimillion Dollar Business

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The Carry On Friends Podcast with Kerry-Ann Reid Brown

As a Caribbean girl, it is imperative that I stay connected to my roots and promote and enhance Caribbean culture whenever I can. The Carry On Friends is “where career, entrepreneurship & Caribbean culture intersect.” Kerry-Ann shares business advice and strategies while conducting interviews with fellow Caribbean/Caribbean American professionals and creatives.

Recommended episodes:

COF 046: On My Terms – The Drive to Succeed with Rana Campbell

COF 53: The Importance of telling authentic Caribbean Stories with Melissa Noel

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Dreams in Drive with Rana Campbell 

We all have elaborate dreams and for many of us the problem isn’t the dream itself, it’s manifesting that dream and taking the driver’s seat. Dreams in Drive helps readers take our “dreams out of PARK and into DRIVE.” On this weekly podcast, she chats all things professional and professional development and talks with some of our favorite business owners and creatives along the way.

Recommended episodes:

How to Push Past Overwhelm and stay focused.

How to Dominate two passions and careers at the same time with Jasmine Lawrence of EDEN Bodyworks


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Joblogues is really the perfect podcast for young professionals. Joymarie and Cortney dole out weekly career advice and have conversations with other professionals on everything from slaying your interview to the creative hustle. Listening to Joymarie and Cortney is like sitting down with your girlfriends drinking a glass of wine as you discuss everything to help with your professional development.

Recommended episodes: 

Working While Woke (With Melissa Kimble + Janet Asante)

Slump Season

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MyTaughtYou with Myleik Teele

“Feelings aren’t facts, and they will pass if you allow them too.” – Myleik Teele

If I never remember another piece of Myleik Teele’s advice, this is one that will never me. I am naturally an emotional person and often let feelings get in the way of shxt I need to handle.

Through her podcasts, and straight talk no chaser advice, Myleik has helped myself and all of her listeners to stop making excuses and push towards excellence. She’s the virtual mentor and big sister I’ve always needed, but could never find.

There is not a person that I am really good friends with whom I have not turned onto Myleik’s podcasts. I just screenshot them the episodes and say “get your life!”

Recommended episodes: 

Maintaining Momentum

How to Go To The NEXT LEVEL!

Why Discipline>Motivation!

Life Goals vs. Age (AND MORE!)

Staying in your Lane

Rewrite the Day in Your Favor: Tia Williams


While I listen to a ton of podcasts, these five are my staples and ones I highly recommend! If you haven’t, check out an episode or two of these and let me know how you like them!

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts (in all genres), so if you have any you love, drop the recommendations below!

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