When A Book Keeps You Up All Night

My fellow book nerds know all too well the ritual of staying up all night reading and dragging your feet the next morning. We know the feeling we get when we finish a book at 3 a.m and have to go the work the next morning. We are tired as all hell, our eyes are puffy and we’re pissed that we can’t sleep in. On the flip side, we feel no regret because we finished an amazing book, or at least got half way through.


Here are a few things that all bibliophiles can relate to when a book keeps you all night:

1.  You promise yourself only to read a few pages. A few pages turn into a few chapters and the next thing you know, it’s 2 a.m,because you can’t ever find a good place to stop.

2. Speaking of 2 am, nothing pisses us off more when we come across a major plot twist in the middle of the night. How are we supposed to go to sleep when we find that out?

3. You dream about the upcoming chapters, creating theories about what is coming up next.

4. We all know about being jerked awake after our e-reader falls on your face because you fell asleep reading.

5. Most importantly, we all know the sense of loss when we get to the end of the first book in a series because we’re eagerly awaiting to see what’s next but know it’s way too late to start a new book.


Fellow book nerds, I know you can relate. What happens to you when you stay up all night with a book?

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