4 Things to Know Ahead of Season 4 of Scandal

If somehow you haven’t picked up on it as yet, I absolutely love ABC’s Scandal. And when I say love, I really mean obsessed. With less than a month before Season 4 premieres, I thought it would be good to make sure everyone is caught up in preparation for our favorite gladiators’ return.

Here are four things to know ahead of season 4 of Scandal:

  • Harrison is dead. This should be common knowledge at this point but I am going to reiterate it for those who are still in denial. The last time we saw Harrison, SSA Tom (who was my favorite until I realized he was always going to be loyal to Rowan) had a gun pointed at him with Papa Pope watching. That coupled with Columbus Short’s recent behavior and subsequent firing pretty much guarantees that is the last we will see of Harrison.  In honor of our fallen gladiator, here is one of my favorite scenes:

  • Olivia regrets getting on the plane with Jake. Again, the audience should already know this given her facial expression in the last scene of the season finale. Yes, Jake is handsome and SINGLE and totally in love with Liv but let’s face it: he’s no Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III. As a card carrying member of the #TeamOlitz fan club, I am here to tell you there is absolutely nothing that Jake will ever be able to do that will cause Liv to stop loving and wanting to be with Fitz. My bet is that we will find out where Olivia and Jake went within the first few minutes of the premiere. I am also pretty sure she will be back in DC before the end of the episode. If Fitz needing her wasn’t enough, finding out about Harrison’s death will surely cause her to return.
Image via Scandal's twitter
Image via @ScandalABC
  • This season will be Abby-centric. Shonda Rhimes had an interview with TV Guide  back in July where she confirmed that we will learn more about Abby this season. This should be good because she has been a character I think we all have been wanting to know a little more about. She actually got a few brownie points from me last season. There was a little more pep in her step that I loved: they switched up her wardrobe, put some spritz in her hair and Abby was fierce!
  • Perhaps the most important thing to know: Scandal is on the move and will now air at 9pm. I repeat: Scandal will now air at 9pm. Thursday’s lineup has shifted a bit with Grey’s Anatomy moving to 8pm and the other Shonda Rhimes produced drama, How To Get Away with Murder debuting at 10pm. Set your alarm, tape a note on the refrigerator, and remember this time change.

Scandal returns on Thursday, September 25th at 9pm on ABC. Gladiators, unite!


P.S. For those that still think that Olivia will somehow get over Fitz, please see exhibit 2546. I have already said that I am #TeamOlitz and I could sit here and write about five pages as to why I am never going to leave that team but we don’t have the time for that! I appreciate Jake, trust me I do. He is a great guy and if the situation was a little different  he would be a great catch for Olivia. But it isn’t and Fitz is in the picture and is the love of her life so Jake is just going to have find another person.

Image via @ScandalABC
Image via @ScandalABC

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