Review: His Flower Queen by Lena Hart

Review: His Flower Queen by Lena HartHis Flower Queen by Lena Hart
Published by Maroon Ash Publishing on June 21st 2014
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Fiction, General, Love & Romance, Multicultural & Interracial, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 168

**The Queen Quartette**In this seductive series, four lives collide in a riveting tale of secrets, deception, betrayal, and revenge...and this story is about...the wildflower…Gullible and trusting, Regina “Nina” Conners can’t get enough of Gabriel Alexander. He’s smart, sexy and lights a fire in her she never knew she had. Unbeknownst to her, however, he arranges to have her work as the new publicist for his young, upscale resort and casino, Royal Courts. Yet when Nina heads out to the City of Sin, she discovers her Gabe has been keeping secrets—and another kind of fire in her ignites…  Gabe is a shrewd businessman who knows what he wants and he wants Nina. There’s only one person keeping him from the woman he’s determined to have—his soon-to-be ex-wife. Caught in a bitter divorce, Gabe finds it hard to put his trust in anyone. Until Nina. Except their relationship is ensnared by lies, which he must quickly untangle them from or risk losing the woman he loves… As Gabe works to restore her trust in him, Nina suddenly finds herself at the mercy of his manipulative wife. Caught in a dangerous web of jealousy and obsession, Nina soon learns that loving Gabe may just cost them more than they bargained for.

I stumbled across Lena Hart’s work on Twitter last week. After scrolling through her Amazon page, I decided to purchase one of her books on a whim.

His Flower Queen is the first book in Hart’s series, The Queen Quartette. After reading the first two pages, I just knew that we would be for a tale of secrets and ridiculous revenge. We meet Regina Conners as she is coming to terms with a pretty big revelation concerning her boyfriend, Gabriel Alexander. Their relationship, while full of love and affection, was based on many half truths and omissions.

The very first thing I said about Nina (as she is known to many) is that she is very gullible. So gullible to the point that I wanted to shake some sense into her a few times. Gabe just knew how to upset my soul from the very beginning. He lied to Nina about everything that was truly important from the beginning. While I kind of (and I am saying this lightly) see why he thought he was doing the right thing, his reasoning made absolutely no sense. While his actions had a severe effect on both him and Nina, the main issue I had with him was that he lied about his identity. Why did he not give her his full name? I understand his weariness after being burned by a woman before but come on! We didn’t have any indication that Nina was a gold digger. She was ambitious, yes, but it was made clear that she was willing to put in the work. There wasn’t anything either that suggested she was struggling financially, NOT ONE DANG THING, so his logic was a bit confusing. Granted, his love for her was plain but that doesn’t excuse him.

I wished Nina had a little bit more backbone. She was so naive in a lot of ways when she entered in this relationship that she forgave A LOT very quickly.

Despite these things though, Gabe and Nina’s love came across well in the book. She obviously had feelings for him and Gabe, despite the initial deceit on his end, was desperate not to lose her and genuinely seemed to want her in his life. So despite the fact that I had issues with the other plot points, the love wasn’t something that I was able to deny. I tend to be a sucker for love that can withstand many storms which is why this book was still a solid read for me.

A very quick read, I think many will find His Flower Queen entertaining. For me, it was a good introduction to Lena Hart and I think I will read the other books in The Queen Quartette series.



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