‘Power’ Recap: Like We’re Any Other Couple

But you’re not any other couple, Angela and Ghost. The irony of the episode’s title was not lost on anyone, that’s for sure.

Let’s not even discuss the fact that there was no recap for episode 2 or that this recap is coming two days after the episode aired. Let’s just not, okay?

There are so many things that I want to say about the most recent episode of Power that I don’t know where to start.

I lied, I do know where to start. Let’s start with Tommy. Why the hell is Tommy so damn hotheaded?! Good grief! It just doesn’t make any damn sense. I see know why James is really the person in charge of the whole operation. There is a reason that Tommy is the brawn and James is the brain. If we are being honest, however, James is really both. At times I feel like Tommy can be gone but that’s just my annoyance talking. Even I realize the skills Tommy brings to the table (80% of the time) but I really need him to THINK. Before I go on a nonsensical rant about Tommy and the fact that I’m annoyed that Holly is still in the picture, let’s get to why I am really upset.

Didn’t Ghost tell Tommy to bring Kanan in slowly? Didn’t he tell him to take his time? I know he did because I watched the previous episode! I’m pretty sure you remember too because you watched the episode. Did Tommy listen though? Of course he didn’t. One of the many reasons I’m sure that Ghost said this is because it seems Kanan has always been very trigger happy. His violence is what really landed him in jail from what we have been told. Ghost and Tommy’s organization has been built on finesse (mostly because of Ghost) and Kanan has to be brought up on that slowly. Kanan and Tommy are not a very good combination because they both can get pretty violent when they feel the need arises. That, and I don’t trust Kanan around Tommy because Tommy trusts him so much and is loyal to fault, and we all Kanan is just using him.

Kanan’s violence rears its ugly head in this episode. Remember Q Dubs, the gang leader who was skeptical about taking on Ghost and Tommy as his drug suppliers? Well he refused in this episode and that pissed Kanan off. So what does Kanan do when he is pissed? He started shooting which ended in the death of Q Dubs and other members of the RSK crew.


This is not good for SO MANY reasons and Ghost will not be a happy camper once he hears about this.

Speaking of Ghost aka James aka Jamie or whoever he chooses to be at the time, he and Angela made their way to Miami. Is Miami supposed to be the dream for them like Vermont is for Liv and Fitz?

You know what, don’t even answer that. I am upset that I even compared these two couples because at least Liv and Fitz’s relationship have a few redeeming qualities. You know, at the beginning, there was a part of me that rooted for Angie and Ghost. There really was. Their relationship played on sentimental side and I was like, “awwww first love”. Now? I am just over it. I am over it for a few reasons but mainly because Angela is upsetting my damn soul and secondly, I don’t even think Ghost knows what he wants anymore from her or anything in his life. It is just lie on top of lie on top of lie with these two and I can’t sort through the muck to determine what is real anymore.

I went on a rant again, sorry! Back to regularly scheduled programming. Ghost and Angela are in Miami (mainly for Ghost’s work for Stern) and to carry on their affair unbeknownst to Tasha.  By now we all know that Angie believes that Tommy is the real Ghost. So while in Miami she goes by the Florida DOJ to try to get more information about him and to inquire about a job transfer.

So Angie, you’re just going to lock up your man’s best friend, make sure Ghost gets a divorce and then move to Miami with him and his children?


Where in the world does this make sense? I guess only to Angie.

When Ghost returns to the hotel late, Angie shares her truth. She tells him that’s she in love with him, that she’s a federal attorney AND that she’s investigating Tommy with plans to put him in jail. Ghost is naturally pissed and we get the exchange we saw coming.

Ghost realizes what Angie wants him to do. She wants him to testify against his best friend. “It might be the only way to save your dream, our dream,” she tells him.

She even asks him if he’s ever heard of anyone on the street call Tommy, Ghost. He says, no, which technically is not a lie. Everyone who is connected on the streets knows that he goes by the name Ghost.

She asks him if he is going to help her or leave her and he lets her know that he can’t leave her.

I’m confused and I have a headache at this point. Hell, Ghost probably is confused and has a headache at this point. There are just too many layers to this that I don’t know if Ghost even knows what to do anymore. He tells Angie that he loves her but a part of me doesn’t know if I believe that. There was a look he had when she couldn’t see him that said to me that he knows he may have to kill her.

I have several questions about this whole Miami, Angie/Ghost situation, so bare with me.

  • Why did Angie think it was a good idea to tell Ghost this? Shouldn’t she have turned over EVERY stone before telling Ghost all of this information?
  • When Ghost told Angie he had already looked into schools, does that mean he plans to have the children full time? How does he plan to get this approved by Tasha?
  • Does Ghost even really want to go legit? I am honestly having a hard time believing that this may be true. You are so caught up in this club yet you are doubling your distribution which will take even time away from your legal businesses. Let’s also highlight the fact that you don’t even have enough resources at this point to distribute all the weight that you now have.


Now that I got my major gripes out of the way, let’s discuss Tasha. She cut Shawn off last episode and after Kanan’s warning to him, Shawn looks like he will accept that. Tasha tries to seduce him, hoping to get more information out of him per her usual. We all know Tasha only wants Shawn when it is convenient. We know she feels a little salty about Ghost leaving her behind to go to Miami and she wants to know what’s up. She thought she was going to get it out of Shawn but she thought wrong. Shawn curved her real quick.

I let out a scream when Shawn told her that he looked at her like a big sister now.

Pick Tasha up off the floor! She didn’t know where to put herself. Granted, I actually don’t mind Tasha’s character most of the time but even I had to laugh. Not only does she not have her husband but her potential boy toy has curved her. And what’s even worse? Shawn is about to get together with her best friend, Kiesha. I CANNOT WAIT to see how she reacts to that. However, I don’t think Shawn really wants Keisha and vice versa. Keisha is on the come up and wants nice things that weren’t once Tasha’s. Will they do a little deed for a bit? Probably. Keisha and Shawn are about to be the broke version of Tasha and Ghost.

Mark my words.

You know when shows get this much reaction out of me that means I am in love. Honestly, I didn’t think Power would have had Angela reveal her real work so quickly in the second season. I am pleasantly surprised and excited to see more.

With everything that has transpired while Ghost was in Miami, that can only mean one thing:


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