5 Great Authors I Discovered in 2017

I am constantly searching for new authors, and this year has definitely been good to me.

These authors are not new but they were new to ME. If you are in search of new authors (and new books to read), allow me to share five of my new favorite authors.

These are the authors I discovered in 2017, the books I loved, and the reason they can now consider me a fan.

B. Love

I love the ‘emotional, get me in my feelings, I need to more about these people STAT’ kind of romance in my novels. The Universe saw it fit for me to be introduced to B. Love’s work. The first book I read was Coffee with A Side of You and darling, I was hooked! I promptly went through her backlog and have probably read everything by her with the exception of maybe 5 or so books. She’s definitely one of my new favorites and has made it to my one-click list. The authors on my one-click list are those that I buy/pre-order all of their new releases without reading the synopsis because I trust their work.

Yup, B. Love has made it there, and in the blink of an eye!

If you want raw, emotional, sensual love stories; B. Love is the author you need in your life.

Recommended books:

Coffee with A Side of YouREVIEW

I’ll Give You Mine: An Urban Love Story

Send Me


Kennedy Ryan

Remember that gut wrenching type of storyline I said I loved in romance novels? Kennedy Ryan provided that with her GRIP series. I read the three books in this series earlier this year and to put it mildly, she took me on the rollercoaster of all roller coasters. I haven’t gotten around to her other novels as yet but if this series is any indication, I’m sure I will not be disappointed. Ryan seemingly isn’t afraid to tackle real-life uncomfortable issues while providing readers with a love story that is authentic and vulnerable.

Recommended reads:

GRIP series


Danielle Allen

I picked up Nevermore by Danielle Allen on a whim because I really liked the cover and was interested to see how she would weave Edgar Allen Poe into this modern day love story. When I tell you that was the best decision I made that weekend, it was the absolute best decision! I literally devoured that book in one sitting. The way she weaved this intense story of love and friendship with sadness, insecurity and passion made Nevermore a gripping page-turner. Of course, when I find one book that I like from an author, I then buy a few more to make sure my new fandom is warranted. It definitely was with Allen. She can definitely count me as a fan.

Recommended reads:


Work Song


Tia Williams

I was late to the Tia Williams fan club and for that, I sincerely apologize. I won’t be late again though, I promise you that, and when board seats are available next year I am placing my name on the ballot for secretary.

I’ve read both Accidental Diva and The Perfect Find and find Williams’ work to be a perfect mesh of hilarity, sexual chemistry while managing to enable readers to redefine love on our own terms at any age.

Recommended reads:

The Perfect Find, duh!


Love Belvin

I don’t know if I necessarily ‘discovered’ Love Belvin this year because I’ve seen her books a few times on Amazon. However, this is the year that I finally picked up one of her novels. I was eager to finally read the Connecticut Kings series by her and fellow author, Christina C. Jones. Reading the first book, Love in The Red Zone, was just the push I needed to read more of her work.

Love Belvin gives readers a lengthy novel filled with the type of angsty romance a girl like me can appreciate in her novels!

Recommended books:

End Zone Love (Connecticut Kings Book 4)

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