Three Reasons To Read A Romance This Year

I am a constant mission to get more people to read romance novels, especially those by authors of colors. I have had many conversations with people who are not a fan of romance novels for several reasons; one being the cheesy and sometimes unbearable covers. Remember: don’t judge a romance novel by its cover.

Romance novels ran the gamut when it comes to their subgenres; from super sweet and sappy to inspirational, historical to paranormal; there is something for everyone. While I never need an excuse to read a good romance novel, I am always willing to give potential readers reasons why they need to check out more from this genre.

Here are three reasons to read a romance novel this year:

Form of escapism

Romance novels are set all over the world; from small towns to the South of France. Pick up a novel and get lost in their world; their homes, their lives, and their circumstances. Currently stressed out or just need a break? An hour or two with a romance novel may be the perfect balm (especially when you’re almost always guaranteed a happily ever after).

Improve Mood

Piggybacking off of my last point, romance novels almost always guarantee a happy ending. Few books are the exception to the rule. This means that the novel has some resolution to the conflict the characters had to endure. Why not pick up a book that allows you to relax into the story, feel all of the emotions, go on the rollercoaster, knowing that you’ll get a satisfying ending.


The vast majority of romance novels (especially available as an ebook) are under $10. You mean to tell me that I can read a great story and be cost-effective? Count me in. It is also a good time to mention Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. There are a ton of good romance novels available with Unlimited and for $9.99 a month, it is well worth the cost.

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