Three Reading Apps Every Book Lover Needs

It is very rare that you can look in my purse and not find a book in there. I love to carry a book in my bag at all times because you simply never know when you may need it. I may have down time while at the car dealership when my vehicle is being serviced, or when I’m at the hair salon. Instead of aimlessly browsing through my phone spending more unnecessary time on social media, I prefer to read a book.

As much as I love the thought of a paperback in my purse, it is not always the most convenient. In the times that it is not, that is where my apps serve their purpose. I love that technology allows me to read on the go. Whether you have a tablet or prefer to just your phone, here are three reading apps every book lover needs.


This is my favorite app, so much so that I have an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. This app, however, can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet. The app itself is free, you just need to make your own in-app purchases. Kindle offered millions of e-books and also has a pretty decent collection of free ebooks (who doesn’t love free?!). There’s also access to libraries to borrow e-books and a built-in dictionary. My favorite feature is perhaps the ability to sample books before purchasing. I like to know what I am getting before I commit so being able to read the first couple of pages in a book really helps. I am able to determine whether the book is worth the price and it helps a ton with buyer’s remorse.


This app is a very close second. Like Kindle, it is free to download on any smart device. Goodreads has a community of fellow book lovers and a database of over 1 billion books. You can track and review all of the books you read, mark the ones for future reading and interact with other book nerds. There are tons of communities within Goodreads that you can join to discuss books with people who share the same interests as you. It’s also a great app to utilize if you are an author or book blogger. I don’t mind a GoodReads challenge either, this year I aim to read 60 books and noting that goal in Goodreads helps to keep me on track.


Think Netflix for books. With a $8.99 monthly subscription, you can have unlimited access to over a million books and millions of documents including academic papers and court filings.


Honorable mention: Audible

I haven’t listened to many audiobooks, but it is something I plan to do more of in the next year, especially given my love of listening to podcasts in the car. Audible is the go-to choice. Audible has a collection of over 180,000 audiobooks for purchase. There is a system that tracks your reading lists and habits and a news feed that is updated with author events and more. You can try Audible for 30 days free and after that, it’s $14.95 per month.


So there you have it, my choice of the three reading apps you need. So my fellow book lovers, what are your must have reading apps? Any I need to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

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