Review: Possessed by Passion by Brenda Jackson

Review: Possessed by Passion by Brenda JacksonPossessed by Passion by Brenda Jackson
Published by Harlequin on March 1st 2016
Genres: African American, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 224
Format: eBook
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They're discovering the healing powers of passion Burned-by-love architect Hunter McKay came home to Phoenix to open her own firm, not rekindle her fleeting high school romance with playboy Tyson Steele. But when she runs into the sexy surgeon at a nightclub—and he unleashes that legendary Steele charm—Hunter fears she's headed straight for heartbreak once again. Tyson hasn't forgotten the one who got away. A weeklong fling should be just enough to get the sultry beauty out of his system for good, even if he has to let Hunter set the ground rules. But the rules are suddenly changing for the no-strings bachelor. Can Tyson convince this sensual woman that he's the real deal—that they deserve a second chance together?

The “Bad News” Steeles are back! In Brenda Jackson’s latest novel, Possessed by Passion, we follow Tyler Steele and Hunter McKay.

Hunter is back in her hometown of Phoenix after a messy divorce. While out with friends, she sees her old flame, Tyler Steele. Tyler is a bonafide ladies man; he doesn’t take women out on dates and is notorious for a one-night stand. These two briefly dated in high school and Tyler has always seen Hunter as the one that got away. Even after 18 years, he knows he must have her; if only for one night.

A plan of seduction ensues and one night turns into a weeklong affair and by the end, both realize that they are in deeper than they imagined. Is Hunter the one to make Tyler give up his single status forever? Hunter has been burned by love and is skeptical about getting involved with another man, can Tyler help change her mind? They soon find out that they aren’t just possessed by passion, but by love as well.

I liked this book but I have to admit that I wasn’t in love with it. Tyler and Hunter’s chemistry (and love) didn’t leap off the pages for me as it had with the previous Steeles. I understood the attraction but did I get why they couldn’t keep their hands off each other? Not so much. Hunter is billed as “the one who got away” which surprised me a bit. Hunter and Tyler and a fleeting relationship in high school, the keyword here being “fleeting”. They literally dated for about a week before it was called off because Hunter wasn’t willing to sleep with Tyler so soon. I applaud her for that because even then Tyler was used to having every girl he wanted. He wasn’t into relationships and only wanted one thing. However, considering the circumstances, I don’t know if I would say she was even really with him to be considered the one who got away. He certainly wasn’t in love with her back then. His only gripe was that she didn’t sleep him. Tyler didn’t seem to have any emotional attachments to the relationship or lack thereof.  When he first saw her in the club, it took a second or two for him to recognize her. When he first mentioned her name to his brothers it even took them a few moments before it clicked to them who she was.

Nonetheless, Tyler was adamant to get Hunter in his bed and pulled out the legendary Steele charm. What they both thought would be a one-time thing turned into more than they had bargained for.

In Possessed by Passion, “another bad news Steele bites the dust!” That’s four sons down, two more to go!


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