Review: Care For Me by Bria Felicien

Review: Care For Me by Bria FelicienCare For Me by Bria Felicien
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on June 27, 2019
Genres: African American, Romance
Pages: 177
Format: eBook
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Kenn is on a mission to get hired. It’s her number one goal and primary focus as she finishes business school. But after her dream job slips from her hands, she’s thrown into a tailspin and vows to do whatever it takes to prove she’s worthy of being hired. Nothing can distract her. Not even her attractive, quiet, new and temporary coworker Derrick, who she sort of, possibly, maybe has a crush on.

Derrick wants to do his job, mind his business and try to forget all the ways he’s been betrayed in the last five years. But he’s thrown off when his cute, new, and short-term coworker comes in, piquing his interest and forcing him to deal with the reasons he doesn’t plan on dating anyone anytime soon.

What starts as a rocky office friendship eventually turns into genuine companionship and before they know it, Kenn and Derrick’s relationship grows into something neither one of them realized was possible.

Can they overcome their fears and pasts to form a healthy relationship? Or should their friendship end when the job does?

Care For Me is Book 2 in the POSTGRAD series, and can be read as a standalone

Derrick has had his fair share of pain, more than most would be able to cope with. He’s not trying to make new friends, find no girlfriend or none of that. He wants to work, avoid his feelings and go on about his business (though he really can’t because he quite a bit of emotion pent up inside of him that he needs to work out). Kenn is busy, overwhelmed and frankly teetering on the edge of being completely burnt out. She’s trying to figure out what life after business school will look like and it ain’t no straight line, that’s for sure. Relationships are also a non-starter for her.

However, we all know that even our most carefully laid out plans can go awry. Derrick and Kenn develop a friendship, that eventually deepens into something more.

I loved this book. These two characters were relatable AF.


Despite how unhealthy it was, I understood Derrick’s reluctance to talk about his past experiences and hold on to his pain. There were quite a few times that I nodded my head as I read how Kenn navigated through her busy and overwhelming life, on this quest to figure out what’s next. Kenn and Derrick weren’t picture perfect, they both had their own shit to deal with and had to learn to do the inner work.

Care For Me is real; I empathized with the characters, believed their chemistry and was able to just flow with the book.

I am a fan and I am keeping my eye out to see when Amazon will have the paperback version because I need it.


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