The Epic “Furious 7” trailer!

Let’s just ignore the fact that I have been MIA for the last two weeks, shall we?


The trailer for the highly anticipated Furious 7 has made its way online and by the looks of it we will be treated to more insane stunts, expert driving and a signature fight scene.

Are they really driving the cars out of a plane?! Dom and crew are definitely taking things up a notch.

This film picks up where Fast 6 left off. After returning home from London, the crew faces its greatest challenge. Ian Shaw, brother of Owen Shaw killed Han to avenge Owen’s death and is undoubtedly after the crew.

Check out the trailer below:


Seeing Paul Walker in this trailer was bittersweet, this will be the last we see our beloved Brian. I am not even going to lie, when Dom told Brian “one last ride” and he looked at him – I was not ready. As we all know, Paul Walker was tragically killed in an accident last year while on break from filming this movie. I think its say to safe that we will all be antsy watching this film as we see how we’ll say goodbye to Brian.

As a HUGE fan of this franchise I was going to try and unpack every little thing about this trailer and give you about 10 different theories which is why I waited so long to post this. I put a stop to those plans, however, and decided to just enjoy the trailer for what it is. I am very curious though to see where this film will take us and what happens to the franchise. I remember reading an interview last year where Vin Diesel stated that Furious 7 would essentially be the start to a new trilogy. With Paul Walker’s death, we know for certain that the direction of the film and franchise has changed. We also know that they will be retiring Brian O’Conner without killing him. The question is: will the franchise continue?

We’ll find this out and more when Furious 7 hits theaters on April 3, 2015

Also important to note: Furious 7 is the first film in the franchise in about 10 years not to be directed by Justin Lin. This film is directed by James Wan, known for films such as The Conjuring and Insidious.


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