My Favorite Planners for 2016

I love stationery; gorgeous, lightweight and useful stationery is my weakness. One of the best things about starting a new year is picking a new planner. 2016 is quickly approaching and now is the time to start planning!

Pen to paper is my favorite medium, and while there are many apps out there that are very useful, nothing quite works for me like a planner. Setting goals, making plans and creating deadlines are things that I love to do. While I may keep them in my Google Drive or in the notes section of my phone, if I don’t physically write it down, it doesn’t exist to me. If we’re supposed to go to lunch, make sure I write it in my planner or else it’s not happening.


I am very picky about the planners I use so honestly it takes me a while to find the right one. Depending on my goals for the year and what I’d like to do, I usually switch up the type of planner that I use. I usually break down and buy more than one planner each year and then gift them to friends. Everyone should have a great planner so I am more than willing to share the wealth. I haven’t found the PERFECT one that I am willing to use year in and out, but I’ve definitely come across some great ones that I would definitely recommend, As my new planner purchases start to arrive in the mail, it was only right for me to share a few great ones with you.

Here are my favorite planners for 2016:

The Day Designer

day designer
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Many of you may already be familiar with this popular planner by Whitney English. It has been the go-to planner for a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs for many years. It prides itself on helping you find organize your schedule, gain clarity and create balance. It’s a bit heavy, but the big purse wearers (such as myself) won’t mind too much. The planner encourages you to set life goals and make a plan for achievement, at the beginning of the planner. That is very helpful as you plan out the entire year. The flagship edition, black stripe, version is gorgeous so it’s definitely one you wouldn’t mind using everyday.

Simplified Planner

the simplified planner

I discovered this planner earlier this year and immediately went to a local retailer to check it out. Needless to say, I made the purchase. I am a sucker for super cute packaging so this planner by Emily ley wins cool points with me for that. Once we get over the very pretty covers, this planner has weekly and daily editions that really does help you get the job done. I love the layout of this planner and the inspirational quotes on every page is a nice touch. There are hourly schedule spots until 9pm, there’s also space for your to-do list, notes, and dinner.

FullSizeRender (2)

Start Planner

FullSizeRender (5)


This is by far my favorite this year and will be my primary planner. The Start Planner is a bit on the heavier side with 416 pages, but it literally has everything you could possibly need in a planner and things you didn’t realize you would want. I chose the classic grey, and with the gold spiral, it provides a nice sleek look that I can use every day and wouldn’t worry too much about wear and tear.

There are four main sections: goals, projects, financials, and calendars.  The goal section has you looking at the big picture and then helps you to break down six main goals that you would like to accomplish for the year. There’s room for 12 projects and breakdowns with due dates for when this should be accomplished. The financial section is clutch: there is one for every month, spaces to break down each bill – the estimated and actual cost. Do you have a business? The Start Planner’s got you; there is a section dedicated to a business budget and honestly this planner is great for both business nad personal planning.

FullSizeRender (8)


The monthly breakdown is really what sold me on this planner. There’s a monthly grocery list as well as one at the end of each week. You can plan, budget and make dinner schedules right in your trusty planner. The daily schedule is from 6am-9pm along with a to-do list and a section to manage your water and vitamin intake, and exercise schedule.

While it may be a lot for some people, I think it’s perfect for me in 2016. It literally has everything so I won’t need to go back and forth between two planners. I have a lot going on and I need a planner that can help create balance. I can combine my work, blog, and personal schedule all in one. This will be my first time using this planner so I’ll report my findings at the end of the year.

Honorable Mention: The Desire Map Planner and the Kate Spade 17 month large agenda.

So there you have it, my favorite planners for 2016! What are you using for the upcoming year, are there any that I’ve missed?! Let me know in the comments below!


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