Review: After Ever by Santana Blair

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Review: After Ever by Santana BlairAfter Ever by Santana Blair
Published by Santana Blair on September 14, 2018
Genres: Multicultural & Interracial, Romance
Pages: 333
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Max Tucker can divide his life into two distinct parts: before and after.

Before her, he was good at his job. No, he was better than good. As a rising star in sports agency with a reputation for getting what he wants when it comes to signing clients and making deals, he had a one track mind and that track was success.

When his latest pursuit leads him away from California and to a quiet Virginian town, the last thing Max expects is to find the girl who makes him question everything he thought to be true.

But when her life of silent shadows threatens any hope for a future together, it's up to Max to make the most important deal of his life.

Because after isn't acceptable when he finally decides to live for Ever.

Happily ever after isn’t always so simple, is it?

Everleigh Young aka Ever knows that all too well. When we meet her, in Santana Blair’s latest novel After Ever, she’s six months removed from near death and laying low after an encounter with her ex-boyfriend. She lives in a small Virginia town, works in a bookstore and is extremely guarded. Her past has scarred her and she’s at a place where there aren’t many people she can surround herself with, and there are few places she truly feels safe.

One day Max Tucker finds himself entranced by Ever when he visits the bookstore where she works, lost on his way to his hotel. He’s immediately attracted to Ever, for more reasons that he can explain. He wants to take her out and get to know her better but Ever is understandably hesitant.

Eventually, they have a few dates and the attraction is apparent. Miscommunication puts them at odds and Max leaves Virginia without Ever.

Life finds a way of putting us together with the people we need, and after the past comes knocking and danger seems probable, Ever is in Los Angeles living with Max. He says it’s to keep her safe and while that is part of it, he can’t see himself without her and wants her near him as long as he can. For a man who has only been occupied for work for so many years, sometimes to his detriment, finding a love like this is worth every effort.

These two embark on a sweet even if unconventional romance. Max was patient and understanding with Ever. He allowed her to open up when she was ready but was also able to give a gentle nudge when necessary. While the feelings are there,  Max and Ever were definitely a very slow burn.

These two don’t have a steamy or sensual connection. There aren’t grand declarations of love or even a real mention of physical connection aside from their first kiss, though the readers are safe in assuming their relationship has evolved after that. Despite this, they build a strong enough trust with readers that I was able to enjoy their love despite not having some of the usual things I need in my romance reads.


After Ever is the third book in the Paradise Cove but can read as a stand-alone. I hadn’t read the first two books in this series and was able to follow along perfectly.

This was my first novel by Santana, and I will be checking out more of her work.

P.S. I saw this edit on her Instagram page and had to share. I am a fan of both Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan and was happy to see them as the muses.


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