June 22, 2015

‘Power’ Recap: Like We’re Any Other Couple

But you're not any other couple, Angela and Ghost. The irony of the episode's title was not lost on anyone, that's for sure. Let's not even discuss the fact that there was no recap for episode 2 or that this recap is coming two days after the … [Read more...]

June 8, 2015

‘Power’ Recap: Consequences

So I contemplated whether or not I should recap Starz's show, Power. I initially said no and just wanted to enjoy it as a fan but after the season 2 premiere I decided that I had to. Power came out of the gate swinging for season 2 ¬†and I am here … [Read more...]

May 22, 2015

Marie’s 2015 Summer Show Guide

Summer TV shows. Before, that used to mean reruns of your favorite fall shows or network throwaways. Not anymore. Gone are the days when networks seem to leave us high and dry during the summer months. Over the past few years, at least in my … [Read more...]