The Reader’s Corner: December 2016

In The Reader’s Corner, I highlight the month’s most exciting releases.


The holidays are here so for the month of December, we’ll be seeing quite a few holiday-focused new releases!

Here are the books I’ll be reading this month, along with their publisher’s description.

One Mistletoe Wish (The Taylors of Temptation) by A.C. Arthur – 11/1


“All she wants for Christmas… 

Everything schoolteacher Morgan Hill loves is in her hometown of Temptation, Virginia—her twins, her students and the charming community center where she’s staging their holiday play. But now the building’s new owner, Grayson Taylor, is putting sexy visions into Morgan’s head, making the young widow long for a future even Santa couldn’t deliver.

As the oldest of sextuplets, Gray grew up in the media spotlight. His family’s fame once helped Temptation thrive, but drove his parents apart. Coming back is just a bittersweet necessity until he meets petite firecracker Morgan. Somehow she gets the handsome tech guru to forget about big business in favor of small-town delights…and steamy winter nights. It’s a life he never knew he wanted, but can he put his past aside to turn a festive fling into the sweetest forever? ”

A Chase for Christmas (Chasing Love) by Candace Shaw – 11/1


“Chasing a dream of love 

The pursuit of love has always been high on Preston Chase’s priority list. But the video game developer has yet to find the soul mate he craves. His sister’s best friend—artist and studio owner Blythe Ventura—is a world away from the shallow glam girls who’ve thrown themselves at him. With her creative spirit and passionate commitment, she’s the ideal candidate for his Winter Wonderland project. Too bad she doesn’t seem interested in being the one to win his heart.

After a string of dating disasters, Blythe isn’t ready to believe in a romantic relationship with Preston. Until their work giving sick children hope and joy for Christmas bring them together—and reveals a very different side of the notorious millionaire playboy. All she has to do is trust in the feelings Preston is awakening and this just might be the year that they both find the happy holiday ending they’ve been searching for…”

Kissed by Christmas (Tropical Destiny) by Jamie Pope – 11/1 


“Christmas in paradise 

Hallie Roberts has had a string of bad luck, beginning with her fiancé dumping her! Now she is disillusioned and ready to leave her beloved big-city teaching job behind and return to her idyllic island hometown. Then fate intervenes, and a slip and fall on the ice bring gorgeous, brave paramedic Asa Andersen to her rescue and into her chaotic life.

Saving victims can take its toll, but Hallie fills Asa with hope and renewed purpose. His mission to show the homesick English teacher a romantic New York Christmas culminates in a passionate, brief affair. But Asa isn’t about to lose the best thing to ever happen to him. When they meet again on Hideaway Island, the magic and sensuality of the sultry isle affect them both. Can he convince Hallie to trust in their future and a love that’s worth every risk?”

A Perfect Caress by Nana Prah -11/1


From the very first touch… 

The moment suave businessman Dante Sanderson brushes hands with Lanelle Murphy, he can’t get her out of his head. The guarded beauty resists all of his polished attempts at seduction. To soften the pain in her past, she’s dedicated her life and family fortune to helping others, not chasing sexy millionaires like Dante.

Something about Lanelle makes Dante want to open his heart like never before. He knows their encounters are destiny. Lanelle is sure their sparks mean another heartache is in the making. Yet her cherished new project—a state-of-the-art neonatal unit—brings them together. From charity ball dances to strolls in Milan, desire pushes her…right into his arms. But will Lanelle be able to seize this sweet second chance at love?

Luring the Lawyer by Lindsay Evans –  12/06


“Derrick never had any trouble keeping it in his pants. He’s a monogamous kind, even while secretly in love with his best friend and sleeping with a string of women to soothe his bruised heart. And ego. But when his best friend gets taken off the market and out of his romantic reach –by his sister no less—Derrick’s love life flies off the rails.

Nuria Diaz is trouble with a capital TROUBLE. She’s a firecracker of a woman – spoiled, demanding, and unapologetically sexual – and Derrick can’t stop thinking about her. Before he can say “bad idea,” Derrick is spending his nights between Nuria’s thighs, wanting more and more from her while he’s promised everything else to another woman who deserves more than he can give. One day he’ll have to choose between them, but now his options are tearing him apart in the most painful and delicious ways.”

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