You Should Read the Baymoor series by D.A. Young

A great small town romance makes the locations a prominent character. It has a strong familial bond; between actual siblings and the townspeople. The romance is just as memorable as the charm.

A great example of this is the Baymoor series by D.A. Young. This series is about the Carlton siblings, Georgina, Eliza, and Graham, who return to fictional Baymoor, Maryland to bond with each other and their beloved town. While there, they’ll all discover a love that they didn’t imagine but can’t see themselves living without.

D.A. Young says it best:

“Embodying small-town living at its finest, the fictional town of Baymoor, Maryland, with its annual holiday festivals and unique celebrations, traditional only to the citizens of Baymoor. Nestled in the idealistic countryside of “Little America”, Baymoor’s citizens are as colorful and entertaining as the city itself!”

I discovered D.A. Young earlier this year and have read every book she’s written thus far.

These stories are now available in paperback and as you can see, they are gorgeous! I was lucky enough to get these and could not be happier.

baymoor series

In The Farmer & the Belle, Georgina Carlton is focused on her business and is not the least bit interested in a relationship, or even worse love; which she sees as a distraction. Farmer Max Hayes doesn’t get that memo and is keen on making her his, and soon she may be falling in love with both the man and the town.

baymoor series

In the Lost & Found, Sheriff Wade Holloway and architect Eliza  Rossini had a love affair years ago that was marred by half-truths and betrayal. Now, these two find themselves in the same town and as truths are revealed they discover that real love doesn’t fade with time.

baymoor series

In Take a Chance on Me, Graham is tasked by his sister Georgina to find her lost friend Annabelle. His only mission should be to make sure she is safe, however, feelings get in the way, and he’s determined to make her see that they are perfect for each other.

Take a trip to the countryside and fall in love with these characters.

Read the Baymoor series and let me know what you think!


To learn more about D.A.Young’s books, please visit her website.

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