June 21, 2017

Small Town Living is The Way to go in these Romance Novels.

I used to say that I wasn’t a fan of small town romance novels. I didn’t have a particular reason why I just couldn’t connect with them. Fast forward a couple years and looks like I’m eating my words. I love them. Well not all of them - but a good … [Read more...]

May 10, 2017

Just Friends? Read these Friends-to-Lovers Romance Novels

“And you say he’s just a friend? And you say he’s just a friend? Oh baby youuuuuuuuu.” -scratches record-   Judging by the title and the opening lyrics, you know that this post will be about one of my favorite tropes in romance: … [Read more...]

August 4, 2016

Five Romance Book Series Everyone Needs to Read

August is Read-A-Romance Month, let's celebrate with the must-read romance series!  You all know that I am a romance novel junkie. This is my favorite genre to read without question. In addition, to the romance, I also have a major weakness for … [Read more...]