June 10, 2016

The Must Watch TV Shows of Summer 2016

Some of television's best can be found during the Summer months.  With my network faves on hiatus, I use the summer to dive into more television (if that's even possible), and always find one or two new shows to add to my ever growing list. Summer … [Read more...]

December 30, 2015

My Favorite TV Characters of 2015

Storylines get me interested but characters are what keep me coming back for more. I tune into a new television show because of the premise but I have to fall in love with the characters to keep tuning in week after week. 2015 was a great year of … [Read more...]

June 8, 2015

‘Power’ Recap: Consequences

So I contemplated whether or not I should recap Starz's show, Power. I initially said no and just wanted to enjoy it as a fan but after the season 2 premiere I decided that I had to. Power came out of the gate swinging for season 2  and I am here … [Read more...]