April 14, 2017

The Book Is (Almost) Always Better Than The Film

Let's settle the old age debate once and for all. When I have to choose between the book and the film, the book will always win. The book is always better than the film.¬†¬†History has proven my point and for the most part, the book usually puts the … [Read more...]

March 15, 2016

The Best Movie Soundtracks

Every great movie needs a great soundtrack. The music is essential to the film; it's what drives the storyline, dictates the audience's moods and elevates the story. I absolutely judge a movie based on the music. Even if it the storyline is decent … [Read more...]

February 3, 2016

My 7 Favorite Black Romantic Comedies

February is the month of love, Valentine's Day is right around the corner so romance is in the air. Do you know what I love just as much as a good romance novel? A great romantic comedy. They're my weakness and I'll watch my favorites over and … [Read more...]