Review: Runaway Love by Té Russ

Review: Runaway Love by Té RussRunaway Love by Té Russ
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on February 14, 2018
Genres: African American, Romance, Women's Fiction
Pages: 168
Format: eBook
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Michelle Drake manages everything and everyone to perfection. Everyone except herself. When it lands her in the hospital, she has no choice but to follow doctor's order: decompress. When her best friend helps her "run away from home", her only plan is to chill out and enjoy her long overdue time off. But an unexpected visitor on her doorstep and her sexy as sin neighbor shake up those plans.
Those stony glares and razor-sharp tongue of hers may intimidate other men, but Lucas LeRoux is unfazed by them. He knows beneath that tough exterior there's a softness, like the curves of her body he felt when she accidentally landed in his arms. He's determined to make her his and he's just the man for the task of tearing down the walls she's built up and get her to finally let her hair down and enjoy life, not just manage it all of the time.

Michelle Drake is a workaholic. She constantly puts her clients and company before herself. After a health scare forces her to reevaluate, she takes a well-needed vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. While there she meets Lucas LeRoux, who she is quite rude to and aggressive when they first meet.

However, Lucas immediately finds Michelle attractive and does not let this initial aggressiveness scare him off. He knows that there is more to Michelle that the facade she gives off to most of the public.

Michelle and Luke are really cute together and their chemistry is palpable. You’ll fall in love with Luke because he’s gentle, compassionate and endearing, and frankly exact what the doctor ordered for Laurel. You’ll be annoyed by Laurel for just a little bit when she almost lets Luke walk out of her life but you’ll root for her as well as she re-evaluates her life and what she wants the most.

Michelle ran away from home to rest and ran into a love that is undeniable.  I loved the cute, expected backstory we got with these two. The secondary characters were also fun to read. Fans familiar with Russ’s Noble Love series will catch up with some of their favorite characters in this novel. However, reading those books beforehand is not a necessity, as this is standalone.

In Runaway Love, Michelle has to learn to stop and smell the roses and appreciate a good thing when it comes to her life. Lucas has to learn patience when he finds the love of his life, but she is afraid to take the chance that can change both of their worlds.


Té Russ did it again with Runaway Love, a quick read reminding us that we must always prioritize ourselves and that love can come when we least expect it.


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